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    Catherine Zeta-Jones was "a mess" after cancer diagnosis

    Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas finally have a strong marriage, after going through recovery from cancer and the threat of...
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    PHOTO: Hugh Jackman shares another skin cancer selfie

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    Hugh Jackman suffered a skin cancer recurrence, and shared a selfie of the damage on Instagram.
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    Valerie Harper sued by playwright for not revealing her cancer

    Valerie Harper may be suffering from a terminal illness, but that isn't stopping a Broadway playwright and producers from suing her...
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    VIDEO: Amy Robach completes chemo for breast cancer

    Amy Robach has gone through a very public battle with cancer, and as a cancer survivor, she is now working to help others.
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    Valerie Harper's cancer terminal: "But guess what? Not today!"

    Valerie Harper is denying claims she is cancer-free, but she is doing everything she can to live her life now.
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    Patrick Dempsey's mother sadly dies after cancer battle

    It is a sad time for Grey's Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey because his mother has sadly passed away after an arduous battle with...
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    Céline Dion's husband recovering from throat cancer ordeal

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    Céline Dion is counting her blessings as her husband, René Angélil, recovers from throat surgery. Thankfully, the singer says all is...
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    The Little Couple 's Jen Arnold opens up about her cancer battle

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    It has been a turbulent few months for The Little Couple 's Jen Arnold as she battled a rare form of cancer. However, the star is...
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    Leonard Nimoy admits he is suffering from lung disease

    One of the icons of the first Star Trek franchise has announced he is sick, but he is using the opportunity to warn younger...
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    The Little Couple 's Jen Arnold wins battle with cancer

    Jen Arnold of TLC's The Little Couple beat her cancer and is now in remission.
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    VIDEO: Amy Robach cuts hair to take control away from cancer

    Amy Robach is in the middle of the fight of her life, but she decided to take some control back from cancer.
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    Robin Roberts has "never been happier or healthier"

    Robin Roberts may be one of the most intriguing figures on TV, and she's excited for what 2014 has to offer.
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    PHOTO: Jen Arnold begins chemotherapy for rare cancer

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    The Little Couple 's Jen Arnold is documenting her journey through treatment of a rare form of cancer. Two days after Christmas,...
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    The Little Couple star Jen Arnold has cancer

    Jen Arnold, the star of the hit TLC show The Little Couple , has sadly been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, but is determined...
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    Hugh Jackman diagnosed with skin cancer

    Hugh Jackman just received treatment for skin cancer after being diagnosed for a basal-cell carcinoma.
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    Ed Lauter tragically passes away at age 74

    It is a sad day in Hollywood as one of its showbiz veterans has fallen. Actor Ed Lauter has sadly lost his battle to cancer at age 74.
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    Valerie Harper's cancer is "pretty close to a remission"

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    Valerie Harper has had a tough year with her terminal medical diagnosis. However, things are looking up with a possible TV gig and...
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    Terminally ill Valerie Harper joins Dancing With the Stars

    Doctors gave Valerie Harper three months to live back in March, but the actress is still alive, and well enough to do a stint on...
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    Dustin Hoffman diagnosed, treated for cancer

    Dustin Hoffman has been going through a very personal struggle, and announced to the world he has been treated for cancer.
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    Famed film critic Roger Ebert dead at 70

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    Iconic film critic Roger Ebert has died after a long battle with cancer. He was 70 years old.