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    INTERVIEW: Alicia Silverstone's secret to a "sensual and yummy" pregnancy

    As passionate as she is talented, Alicia Silverstone likes to "give 100 percent" at everything she does. The actress filled us in on...
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    VIDEO: Vivid demands Farrah Abraham stay silent

    Farrah Abraham has reportedly been sent a cease and desist letter, which demands that her upcoming erotic novel omit all of Vivid...
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    Most unlikely children's book author: Keith Richards

    Keith Richards is passing on his childhood experiences with his grandfather in a new book for kids coming your way in September.
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    Mindy Kaling is ready for book No. 2

    Mindy Kaling has become one of the biggest power players in television and she's about to hit the publication circuit for her second...
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    Michelle Duggar reveals struggle with bulimia

    In her new book with her oldest daughters, Growing Up Duggar , Michelle Duggar reveals a personal struggle she had with an eating...
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    Jennie Garth: Deep Thoughts from a Hollywood Blonde

    Jennie Garth has seen it all, and now as a single mother, she wants to share her life story with the world.
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    Brandi Glanville won't leave LeAnn Rimes feud alone

    A new war is about to break out once LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian read Brandi Glanville's new book. Will the trio ever find peace?
  8. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Candace Cameron Bure lets her husband be the boss

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    Candace Cameron Bure takes a backseat to her husband when it comes to family leadership.
  9. Drinks, Drugs & Rehab

    Demi Lovato plans dark tell-all

    Demi Lovato plans to write a book about the dark path her life took, and how she pulled off an incredible comeback.
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Poor little rich girl: How Tori Spelling went broke

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    Tori Spelling is close to broke, she says — and it's her own fault.
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    Corey Feldman details sickening Hollywood sexual abuse

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    Corey Feldman has talked about the ways he and childhood pal Corey Haim were abused before — but never in such shocking detail.
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    Melissa Joan Hart talks drug use and famous exes

    Melissa Joan Hart is letting it all hang out in a tell-all book. She openly discusses drugs, sex and her famous make-out partners.
  13. Drinks, Drugs & Rehab

    Jack Nicholson's drug use revealed in new tell-all

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    It's no secret that Jack Nicholson was a party animal back in the day, but was he the original Charlie Sheen? A new book sheds light...
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    VIDEOS: She's back! Kelly LeBrock's hottest moments

    Kelly LeBrock is planning a comeback to Hollywood after becoming a "hermit" post-divorce from action movie star Steven Seagal. Armed...
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    Books by celebrity fathers

    Looking for a perfect read for Dad for Father's day? Try one of these books by celebrity fathers.
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    Lea Michele lands a book deal

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    Glee star Lea Michele can now add the title of author to her résumé. On Thursday, it was announced she'll write a memoir called...
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    Why everyone is talking about Maya Angelou

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    Most of us remember Maya Angelou as the cool lady who wrote and read a poem at Bill Clinton’s inauguration. But those of us lucky...
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    Victoria's Secret calls Kylie Bisutti a liar

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    Model Kylie Bisutti says her days with Victoria's Secret left her feeling worthless, but the international brand says its part in...
  19. Music & Books

    Jason Segel adds a new job to his résumé: Author

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    Actor Jason Segel is adding one more job to his list of occupations. His first book aimed at middle-schoolers will be published by...
  20. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    The Kardashian clan's nanny tells all in her new book

    Behold: A tell-all book that will certainly satisfy your baby Kimye fever... and give you an inside look at growing up Kardashian.