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    Kim Kardashian already talking baby No. 2

    Kim Kardashian is ready to have baby No. 2 with fiancé Kanye West. The famous couple plan on getting pregnant after their wedding...
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    Kristen Bell didn't bond with her baby until birth

    Every new mother is apprehensive before her baby is born, but Kristen Bell admits she struggled to bond with her baby during her...
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    Emile Hirsch surprises everyone with a new baby boy

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    Less than a month after it was first reported that Emile Hirsch would be a dad, he and his ex-girlfriend welcomed a brand-new baby boy.
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    Tori Spelling lied about how she lost baby weight

    Tori Spelling revealed that she lied about how she lost the baby weight after the birth of her fourth child. She did not eat healthy...
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    15 Adorable pictures of Pauly D's baby, Amabella

    Pauly D just found out he is, in fact, the dad of baby Amabella. It looks like he is looking forward to every moment of fatherhood.
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    Morena Baccarin and her husband welcome baby boy

    Morena Baccarin of Homeland and her husband Austin Chick welcomed their first child together on Tuesday.
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    Zac Hanson welcomes son No. 2

    The Hanson family just got a little bigger. This time, Zac Hanson's wife Katie gave birth to a son last week.
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    Pauly D in custody war with his baby's mother

    Pauly D only just found out he's the father of a baby daughter, but he's already fighting with the mother for custody of the child.
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    Jersey Shore 's Pauly D is a dad

    Surprise, it's a girl! No one was expecting Pauly D to announce that he's a dad, especially his family and friends.
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    Nikki DeLoach welcomes first child

    Awkward star Nikki DeLoach is a new mom! The actress and her husband, Ryan Goodell, welcomed a baby boy early Tuesday morning.
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    James Van Der Beek: "Fatherhood changes you"

    James Van Der Beek has come a long way in 15 years, and he is excited about the upcoming birth of his third child.
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    PHOTOS: Ivanka Trump introduces her baby boy to the world

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    Ivanka Trump has already introduced her baby boy to the world on Instagram, and revealed his very traditional name — as well as the...
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    It's a boy for Ivanka Trump!

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    Ivanka Trump has welcomed a baby boy into the family today, and the mom times two couldn't be happier.
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    Jennifer Love Hewitt celebrates her baby shower

    Jennifer Love Hewitt celebrated her bundle of joy with a time-honored tradition — a baby shower! Find out all the details of the...
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    Kelly Clarkson: All I want for Christmas is a baby

    She's not even married yet, but she wants a baby for Christmas. Will Kelly Clarkson get her wish?
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    Drew Barrymore: Ready for baby No. 2

    Drew Barrymore's husband better be ready for more kids because his wife is ready to have baby No. 2!
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    Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez name their new baby boy

    Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are the proud parents of a new baby boy, and they have had a name ready for his arrival for quite...
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    Jaime King shares first photo of son James Knight Newman

    From heroin-addicted model to glowing new mom, Jaime King welcomes a baby boy, James Knight Newman. This is the first child for King...
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    Jessica Simpson looks amazing in photo without makeup

    Jessica Simpson posted a photo of herself and her new baby, Ace Knute, looking gorgeous without any makeup on.
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    Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez's baby boy has arrived!

    It's a boy for Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez! The couple greeted their new son in Los Angeles on Saturday.