1. Hair

    Giuliana Rancic dyes her hair platinum: Love it or hate it?

    There's a new blonde in town, and she didn't just lighten up her dark locks — she went platinum.
  2. Fashion & Style

    Would you rock these? Kristen Stewart's bell-bottom booty pants

    While K Stew's new cropped cut was all the buzz at Paris Fashion Week, we couldn't help but focus below the belt.
  3. Skin Care

    9 Totally affordable beauty products celebrities love

    It’s no wonder celebrities look good a solid 99 percent of the time: They have oodles of beauty specialists at their disposal and...
  4. Love & Sex

    Sex may sell, but at what cost?

    At the launch of the Pamela Anderson Foundation yesterday in Cannes, Anderson shared her heartbreaking history and the source of her...
  5. Skin Care

    The too-cool makeup trend Zoe Kravitz just triggered

    Red carpets are no stranger to bold makeup and unconventional eyeliner, but Zoe Kravitz really caught our eye at the American Ballet...
  6. Dating

    Why, 10 years later, I'd still date Ross Geller

    He loved dinosaurs, had a pet monkey and spent the first few seasons extremely whiny, but if you ask me, Ross Geller is the most...
  7. Books

    INTERVIEW: Celebs offer post-college advice in Katherine Schwarzenegger's book

    The infamous "Now what?" question haunts all of us post-grads. Katherine Schwarzenegger's new book explores inspiring celeb stories...
  8. Movies

    Words of wisdom from our favorite female celebs

    Being in the public eye gives celebrities unique insight, and these wonderful women have given us some words that are truly inspiring.
  9. Love & Sex

    Advice from a celebrity therapist

    When it comes to bad relationships, celebrity therapist Lisa Haisha says the lives of celebrities aren't that different than the...
  10. Pets & Animals

    Pet names inspired by celebrity chefs

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    If you're a foodie looking for the perfect name for your pet, we've got a list of names inspired by celebrity chefs. Which inspiring...
  11. Love & Sex

    6 Movies' romantics we will never stop swooning over

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    From Jake Ryan to Lloyd Dobler, and even sparkly vampire dreamboat Edward Cullen, we are swooning in a major way. But these aren't...
  12. Hair

    Rita Ora's innovative glitter hairstyle is a nod to the '90s

    No, this is not a '90s flashback — it’s real life. Rita Ora rocked glitter hair gel.
  13. Fashion & Style

    Stars show off summery style at Cannes Film Festival

    It’s that time again — the magnificent masses are flocking to Cannes for the film festival. This year marks the 67th annual hobnob,...
  14. Workouts

    Fall in love at the gym — these couples did

    Tired of getting dressed up on a Saturday, spending too much money at a club and going home with no prospective partners in sight?...