1. Television

    Two networks to air Whitney Houston tribute shows

    Within days of each other, two different networks announced specials for the late singer. But only one of them will launch a reality...
  2. Television

    Watch The Doctors squirm as man swallows sword & worse

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    Sword swallowing and a drill through the nose? CBS' The Doctors cringed as Guinness World Record holders took to the stage for an...
  3. Television

    CBS show Vegas gives a glimpse of Sin City in the '60s

    A lawman and a mob boss are pitted against each other in 1960s Las Vegas.
  4. Television

    Opposites attract in the new TV series Partners

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    This loveable, relationship-centered show is sure to please anyone and everyone. The main characters have amazing chemistry --...
  5. Television

    Sherlock Holmes comes to the 21st century in Elementary

    CBS’s Elementary brings legendary crime solver Sherlock Holmes to New York City. Together with a female Dr. Watson, Holmes employs...
  6. Television

    How I Met Your Mother promises another legen -- wait for it -- dary season

    If there's one show you can count on for continuous laughs, it's definitely How I Met Your Mother. A hit since 2005, the CBS sitcom...
  7. Television

    Beauty and the Beast turns beastly into beautiful

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    The new Beauty and the Beast puts a twist on the traditional damsel-in-distress fairy tale. Changing the forbidden castle into a...
  8. Television

    Charlie Sheen's self-assessment after Anger Management

    As Charlie Sheen films his new FX show Anger Management , he looks back at his behavior while on Two and a Half Men and is having...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Ashton Kutcher thinks he's out of this world

    Ashton Kutcher gives new meaning to the phrase, "running from your problems" -- the actor has officially signed up for space travel!
  10. Television

    CBS renews 15 shows: Did your fave survive?

    The folks at CBS must be in a good mood. The network has renewed the majority of their primetime slate for another season. The Good...
  11. Television

    CBS' Partners calls on Superman!

    Superman is wooing Michael Urie. Say what? Keep reading to find out what we're talking about!
  12. Television

    Pilot alert: Elementary , my dear Jonny Lee Miller

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    Oh, that Eli Stone -- we knew he'd land somewhere eventually! Thanks, CBS for making him your Sherlock Holmes!
  13. Television

    The Early Show to get a King and Rose revamp

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    CBS' The Early Show is getting a revamp with the additions of Charlie Rose and Gayle King.
  14. Television

    Unforgettable and Person of Interest get full season pickups

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    CBS gives freshman dramas Unforgettable and Person of Interest full season orders. SheKnows has the full fall TV pickup update.
  15. Television

    Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst to star in CBS comedy Douchebag

    Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst is developing a new CBS comedy and the tentative title is, well, interesting -- Douchebag .
  16. Television

    Girls Rule TV: New Girl , Whitney , 2 Broke Girls and Up all Night win the pickup race

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    Funny girls are ruling premiere season, with Fox's New Girl , CBS's 2 Broke Girls and NBC's Up All Night and Whitney landing...
  17. Television

    Andy Rooney says goodnight to 60 Minutes

    Andy Rooney made his final appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday night.
  18. Television

    Anthrax scare for Dancing with the Stars

    White powder found in an envelope in the CBS Television City mailroom sent authorities scrambling to contain what could have been an...
  19. Entertainment

    Ashton Kutcher in trouble with Demi Moore and CBS

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    Ashton Kutcher might have a lot of power on Two and a Half Men, but CBS executives are peeved that he used the show to promote his...
  20. Television

    Terra Nova 's dinosaurs nibble on Kutcher's audience

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    After endless hype and a delayed premiere, Terra Nova's $20 million dollar pilot finally roared into the primetime race last night....