1. Cats

    Has your cat been naughty or nice?

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    These kitties have been naughty and nice this year. Find out on which side of the list Santa will be putting these 10 sweet and...
  2. Cats

    Santa Claws: 16 Adorable kitties dressed up like Santa

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    Warning: These Santa kitty pictures may cause extreme giggling, loud "oohing" and "ahhing," and a sudden and urgent need to get a...
  3. Pet Travel

    How to keep pets safe and healthy over the holidays

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    Pets can get into all sorts of trouble, especially during the holidays. Keep Fido and Fluffy safe, happy and healthy with our expert...
  4. Cats

    10 Cat videos even cat haters will love

    Cats have the perfect ingredients for a funny video: They're smart, sly and a tad bit crazy! Watch these funny creatures in action...
  5. Cats

    10 Great gifts for cat lovers

    If you have any cat-loving friends or family members on your holiday gift list this season, we've got you covered with our picks...
  6. Cats

    15 Black cats to get you in the Halloween spirit

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    If you're superstitious, you'll want to shy away from scrolling through the pictures of these mysterious black cats. We're...
  7. Dog health & conditions

    Seasonal medications your pet should be getting

    Just like humans, pets have a need for medications, especially during certain times of the year. Talk with your veterinarian about...
  8. Pets & Animals

    A complete list of vaccines your cat needs

    Keep your cat’s vaccinations current with these helpful tips from Dr. Lesli Groshong.
  9. Pets & Animals

    Sickness warning signs to talk to your vet about

    Life would be much easier if our pets could talk, especially when something is wrong. They can't tell us what they ate, where it...
  10. Pets & Animals

    Expert tips from veterinarians on raising young animals

    It's easy to fall in love as soon as you spot a tiny puppy or a fluffy little kitten. Without realizing it, all logic goes out the...
  11. Cats

    Cats do the darndest things!

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    Whether they're jumping in the dishwasher or sleeping on your keyboard, cats always manage to get in the middle of everything! Here...
  12. Cats

    22 Cats in puffy skirts

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    Get ready for an abundance of cuteness! These beautiful kitties are glammed up and ready to dance in their pretty tutus!
  13. Cats

    Tips to introduce Kitty to your newborn

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    Nervous about introducing your newborn to your cat? Don’t worry. We’ve got expert tips to help you make a smooth transition when...
  14. Pet Fun

    19 Pets with crazy attitudes

    These furry companions may be small, but they definitely have a large presence. Most pets can express human-type traits, but these...
  15. Cats

    12 Purr-fect reasons to dress up your cat

    Looking for a reason to dress your cat up? You really don't need one! But check out these adorable photographs of kitties in...
  16. Pets & Animals

    Think outside the box: 11 Alternative uses for cat litter

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    Having an indoor cat and stockpiling bags of kitty litter go hand-in-hand. However, this feline essential can do double duty in...
  17. Pet Travel

    Will your pet enjoy the trip?

    The summer months are filled with camping trips, lake trips and family vacations. Many families may opt to include their pet in...
  18. Cats

    The pros and cons of letting your cat roam

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    While some cats may be completely content spending their days in the comfort of your home, the majority of cats want to get out and...
  19. Pet Travel

    Great alternatives to kenneling your pet

    Summer is almost here which means it's time to plan your family vacation! After you determine when and where, if you have a furry...
  20. Cats

    15 cat faces to make you laugh

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    Whether you are a feline fanatic or just enjoy a good laugh, these furry animals are sure to bring a smile to your face. Here are...