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    Top 10 GIFs of women who kick a** in film

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    These leading ladies are more than just strong and beautiful, they can also kick your butt. Check out these GIFs of our favorite...
  2. Television

    Vegas recap: Buried Alive

    Chaos ensues as bad guys take hostages, a card shark scams the Savoy, an unlikely duo team up to expose Rizzo and the Tumbleweed...
  3. Television

    Vegas recap: Indecent proposal

    Savino finds himself in a jam only Mia can fix when he invites a high-roller to gamble at the Savoy.
  4. Television

    Vegas recap: Battle of wits

    It's not easy being a gangster. You have to outwit the good guys, outplay the bad guys, and school the boss's daughter -- all...
  5. Television

    Vegas recap: Money, power and crime

    The old law of the West and the new crime of the East battle for control of 1960s glamorous Vegas in this new CBS drama....
  6. Television

    CBS show Vegas gives a glimpse of Sin City in the '60s

    A lawman and a mob boss are pitted against each other in 1960s Las Vegas.