carpet stains

  1. Cleaning How-tos

    How to clean your carpets between shampoos

    Clean carpets can make your whole home look clean, and dirty carpets…well… you get the idea, right? These expert tips will help you...
  2. Cleaning How-tos

    How to get blood stains out of the carpet

    Act quickly to remove carpet blood stains before they set.
  3. Cleaning How-tos

    How to keep your carpet looking brand new

    Quality carpet can look new longer with routine care that keeps it soft and beautiful.
  4. Cleaning How-tos

    How to deep clean your carpets cheaply

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    Muddy shoes, pet stains, household matter how diligent you are about cleaning up stains on your carpet when they happen,...
  5. How-To

    How to remove wine stains

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    Red wine, how we love you, but wine stains – particularly red ones – can stick with you longer than a hangover. There's no reason to...
  6. Cleaning How-tos

    How to remove oil stains

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    Oil seems like an impossible substance to remove, but it is possible to get out an oil stain. We've got some simple solutions to...
  7. Cleaning How-tos

    How to remove bubble gum

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    If you've got yourself into a sticky situation with bubble gum, we've got the solution. Here are the best ways to remove bubble gum...