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    Golden rules for creating a BE NICE culture

    Because people spend a great amount of their time and energy at work, they long to belong to a company that makes them feel better...
  2. Career Advice

    Getting along in the office: Belligerent people

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    People behave in predictable ways. Have you ever noticed yourself saying, "Charlie is so much like my Uncle Henry?" If you observe...
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    Getting along in the office: Being friends with co-workers and employees

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    You probably spend as many hours at work as you do awake at home. Thus, you spend as much time with your co-workers as with your...
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    Getting along at the office: Adapting to change

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    The work climate today is much different from what it was 50 years ago. A person who was born in the early 1900s could expect to...
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    What your clothes say about you at work

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    Three women hold the same professional title. One is wearing jeans and a polo shirt, one is wearing a power suit and one is wearing...
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    The job interview: Dress for the job you want

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    Nailing a job interview takes more than the prefect resume, a mouthful of interesting anecdotes and relevant work history. Your...
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    How workplace 'bad apples' spoil barrels of good employees

    Look around any organization and chances are you'll be able to find at least one person whose negative behavior affects the rest of...
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    10 tips to successfully re-enter the workforce

    Many mothers who are looking to find a new hobby, fulfill a lifelong goal, generate additional income or occupy time once devoted to...
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    The office: Home away from home

    In a given day, Americans spend much more of their waking hours at work than at home. Because of this, work and related workplace...
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    You are driving too fast!

    What to do when your carpool driver decides to put his pedal to the metal?
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    A good resume versus a great resume

    In today's tough market, it is hard enough to land a job -- let alone imagine and launch the career of your dreams. The problem is...
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    How to get a virtual assistant business off the ground

    The revolution of how businesses operate is an enormous boon to virtual assistants (VA). With more businesses moving into an...
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    How to deal with nosy co-workers

    You know being nosy and gossiping at work is never a good idea, but what do you do when a co-worker is badgering you for personal...
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    Couples' retirement planning

    At some point in every relationship, money becomes an issue. It often happens when couples first consider moving in together or...
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    Sports dream teams thrive on mix of old and new blood

    When the Boston Red Sox won their first World Series title since 1918 last year, the team had some new blood, including key players...
  16. Career Advice

    Women work better in teams

    When it comes to leadership in the workplace, work teams made up mostly of women tend to share leadership roles more than teams...
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    How to start a home business: Test the water first

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    Do you have such a knack for crafts that you just know you could make money selling them? Here's what our experts recommend for...
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    Job hunting for graduates

    With graduation day fast approaching, you may be in a panic with no job in sight. Though it's quite common to graduate without a job...
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    What do you call your boss?

    The tension created between the supposed egalitarianism and the hierarchical realities of the American workplace can often cause...
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    Maria Shriver on pinpointing your passion

    What is your passion ? Be honest with yourself about it. Really think about what you're interested in. What you enjoy, what...