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    Income inequality between the sexes needs to be resolved

    I would love to tackle the income inequality debate on a global scale but, first, I would like to discuss the discrepancy between...
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    3 Simple steps to setting boundaries at work

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    Finding fulfillment in the career of your choice

    I'd like to share some personal musings today. I hope you don’t mind. I thought they may resonate.
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    Exclusive fashion photos from Suits

    Just when you were starting to get bored with your summer office style, USA Network's hit series Suits has returned with its...
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    Cool food jobs (and how to get them)

    Ever think about becoming a chef? Or maybe even an ice cream taster? We've got you covered with some of the best food jobs in the...
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    Get happy by finding focus with these 10 simple tips

    Finding focus at work does more than boost productivity. The most focused workers also tend to be the happiest in their professional...
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    5 Effective ways to help employers find your résumé

    As if crafting a résumé and searching for jobs isn’t enough of a headache, these days you have to think about how to get your résumé...
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    What your boss really thinks about your appearance at work

    According to a national survey of 150 senior executives and CEOs from the nation's top 500 manufacturing and service firms, most...
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    25 High-paying part-time jobs

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    Interested in earning some extra money but not wanting to settle for minimum wage? Take a look at these high-paying part-time jobs.
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    10 Flexible part-time jobs for college students

    In college, your studies are your main focus, but the bills still need to be paid, right? Check out these flexible part-time jobs to...
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    15 Seriously flexible jobs for working moms

    You’re a mom, and you just so happen to work (whether that’s a want or a need). Here are 15 super-flexible jobs for moms...
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    Helping loved ones cope with a career transition

    At a time when so many people know friends, family and former colleagues who are out of work, we turned to Jean Baur, author of...
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    Career horoscopes: June 24 - June 30

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    Jupiter, the planet of prosperity, enters the zodiac sign of Cancer on June 25. This is good news for the economy because the U.S....
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    Career horoscopes: June 17 - June 23

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    You'll want to play your cards close to your chest at work this week, because you're not the only one holding a winning hand. The...
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    Are you killing your career?

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    We all deal with plateaus — with our weight loss efforts, our relationships and, of course, in our jobs. If you're feeling...
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    Top jobs for career advancement

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    Are you stuck in a dead-end job? If so, it can be mentally draining showing up for work day after day, only to never get ahead. It’s...
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    Top work-from-home jobs in 2013

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    It’s very real and very possible to earn a full-time income (or more) while working from home. Let’s take a look at the top work...
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    Career horoscopes: March 11 - March 17

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    There’s a difference between competitive and combative, and you will want to make certain not to cross that line on March 12....
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    Career horoscopes: March 4 - March 10

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    A rare Saturn/Pluto sextile on March 8 will bring relief to those who owe money, as well as to those who are owed. If you owe money,...