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  1. Career Advice

    Career women: Mentor your way to success

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    Even though the economy has recently shown small signs of improvement, it still appears that a full, global economic recovery will...
  2. New Year - Your Career

    The art of bragging

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    We don't know the exact reasons and science, but men are still getting paid more than women on average -- and they still seem to get...
  3. Career and Time Management

    7 Habits of successful women

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    It's long been established that women are just as qualified as men are to handle some of the toughest careers out there. But there...
  4. Career Advice

    6 Ways to be a leader in your career

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    As the role of women in the workplace continues to evolve, we have more opportunities than ever to shine. Here are 6 ways to be a...
  5. Career Advice

    Maria Shriver on pinpointing your passion

    What is your passion ? Be honest with yourself about it. Really think about what you're interested in. What you enjoy, what...
  6. Mom & Dad

    How to manage your career

    To succeed in today's demanding and ever-changing work environment, you must take charge of managing your own career. Gerard...
  7. Career Advice

    How to make time for yourself

    Let's face it, we are moms and we are busy these days! Between the kids, work and a household to run, there never seems to be enough...
  8. Career Advice

    Dressing for future success: Getting that promotion or raise

    What you wear can sometimes make or break your success! Want a raise? We have some tips on dressing for the occasion!