1. Careers

    5 Questions every entrepreneur must answer to be successful

    Is your business in need of a new look? Whether it's a new website or product, reinventing your brand is essential to staying ahead...
  2. Careers

    20 Business ideas you wish you'd thought of first

    How many times have you seen a product in a store or something on TV that makes you scream out (or internally if you're in public),...
  3. Living

    9 Fun things to do at work that won't get you fired

    You've worked hard to make it to this point in your career, no doubt. Don't forget, though, that you can have a little bit of...
  4. Living

    Quotes from Oprah Winfrey that will inspire working moms

    For career moms looking for inspiration after a long and hard day, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up the best quotes...
  5. Living

    Beyond a raise: 5 Job perks to negotiate

    Sure, we all want to make more money at our jobs, but that's not always feasible. The next time your big raise doesn't go through,...
  6. Careers

    Amelia Earhart attempts to fly around the world "again"

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    Another Amelia Earhart will take to the skies tomorrow and complete the journey her famous namesake could not.
  7. Living

    8 Big thinkers who changed America as we know it

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    Find inspiration in the eight people working to change the world, one step at a time.
  8. Career Advice

    5 Shady things people do when looking for a job

    Close to 50 percent of people lie on their résumés to get good jobs. What else are people doing in order to find work?
  9. Careers

    How to help your unemployed college graduate find a job

    Graduation has come and gone, and many graduates are still jobless. Tony Beshara, Ph.D., explains how to leave unemployment in the...
  10. Living

    7 Obvious reasons to spend more time with your work family

    You're with your co-workers 40+ hours a week, and for some reason, that still doesn't seem like enough. Here are seven reasons why...
  11. Careers

    Mom: While you were at work, here's what you taught me

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    A lot of women feel culpable about working and being away from their kids. Chock-full of mom guilt, it is easy to forget what a...
  12. Living

    Why careers rock in all of your life's stages

    Working isn't a rat race. All the energy you've put into building your professional skills and career can really pay off throughout...
  13. Tips & Advice

    Everything you need to know about sick child care

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    Let's be real: Kids seem to only come down with an illness on the eve of a major presentation or deadline. As a result, career moms...
  14. Careers

    Happy hour with your boss: What your drink says about you

    You just got the calendar reminder; it's time for happy hour with your boss. Here's your go-to guide for what your drink of choice...
  15. Careers

    Sheryl Sandberg says one thing will abolish the gender gap in leadership roles

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    Sheryl Sandberg and her "lean in" mantra have swept through business and popular culture in the last year. The Facebook COO is...
  16. Living

    Get happy by finding focus with these 10 simple tips

    Finding focus at work does more than boost productivity. The most focused workers also tend to be the happiest in their professional...
  17. Careers

    3 Ways head hunters offer job seekers an edge

    When an employer has an open position, it often turns to staffing companies to fill it. These companies handle posting the position,...
  18. Careers

    Why the best offices are like jails

    If you think your work environment resembles a prison, you may be more on queue with something than you think. Research shows that...
  19. Living

    Time for a vacation: Boost your career by having a life

    It seems counterintuitive, right? To be better at your job, you should go on vacation. But studies have shown that because of the...
  20. Careers

    10 Audio books that will transform your commute to work

    Want to stay up-to-date on all the latest must-have books? Here are 10 books in audio format that are easy to squeeze in during your...