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    4 Important tire safety checks you're skipping

    Maintaining proper tire care is a crucial safety issue, but chances are, you're skipping at least one of the routine safety checks...
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    Skip, wait or fix these car issues

    You're an expert at a lot of things, but car care isn't one of them. Find out which common car issues need to be fixed immediately...
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    5 Ways to road-proof your teen driver

    Worried about handing over the keys to your teenager? You're not being an overprotective mother. According to the National Highway...
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    Scary auto recalls every mom should know about

    Check out this list of recent auto and car seat recalls to make sure your vehicle is always in top-notch shape.
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    10 Essentials every mom should have in her car

    Whether you're hitting the highway or heading to school for pickup time, don't leave home without these automotive essentials. We've...
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    Test drive the new GMC Denali

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    We know it's economical to drive to our destination on a family vacation, but it's not always an enjoyable adventure. Cathy Droz...
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    6 Items you should always keep in your car

    Do you have what you need in case of an emergency?
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    How to fix your flat tire

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    Almost every driver has to deal with a flat tire at some point. Fortunately, fixing a flat is not difficult, especially with these...
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    10 Defensive-driving tips for rough weather

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    Even the world's best driver has to be on high alert when the weather turns nasty. Arm yourself (and your vehicle) for the worst and...
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    How to winterize your midsize vehicle

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    Our cars behave differently in cold weather conditions, and it's important to make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge....
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    Vehicle safety upgrades you should splurge on

    Not sure what upgrades to get or pass on? Here are some vehicle safety upgrades you should splurge on.
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    10 Questions to ask your mechanic before winter

    No one knows more about how to best prepare your car for winter than your mechanic. Before cold weather settles in and snow begins...
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    Splurge or steal: Big kid booster seats

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    Your kiddo is ready to graduate from her five-point harness into a booster seat, but your head is spinning from all of the options...
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    Tires and car safety: What every mom needs to know

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    Ask any mom what her priorities are, and it's a sure bet she'll mention the safety of her children. Surprisingly, there's a huge...
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    Night vision: Tips for driving after dark

    Driving at night is a whole different ball game than driving during the day. Your depth perception is off, you've got headlights...
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    How to drive in high winds

    Bad weather causes bad road conditions and leads to accidents. Unfortunately, snow and rain aren't the only weather issues you need...
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    What not to do after an accident

    Do you know what not to do after you're involved in an auto accident? Lucky for you, we've got the lowdown on the mistakes to...
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    How to drive in fog

    Driving through fog is scary, but you can take it on with these easy tips.
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    What to do when you need a tow

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    Nobody plans to have their vehicle towed, but the reality is — towing happens. In 2012, leading roadside service provider AAA towed...
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    Stay focused with the correct mirror placement

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    Sure, you can use your rearview mirror as a kid-spying and makeup-checking device, but it's important to remember its true purpose —...