1. Adventure Travel

    Glamping in California

    If bugs and dirt aren't for you, go camping in the lap of luxury at these California glamping hot spots.
  2. Romantic Getaways

    10 tips for luxury camping

    Camping used to be synonymous with tacky green canvas tents, puffy sleeping bags and canned beans over the campfire. Now? Well,...
  3. Family Activities

    Celebrate the end of summer with your kids

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    School might have already started in your neck of the woods, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some of the warm summer...
  4. Super Moms Guide

    All-American cookout and campout how-to

    Everyone loves the quintessential summer cookout and campout. Transform the backyard into a summer night's getaway complete with fun...
  5. Adventure Travel

    Lesser-known national parks

    Summertime means road trip season! Check out these lesser-known national parks throughout the U.S. and avoid the crowds.
  6. Dogs

    10 Ways to keep your dog safe while camping

    Some of summer’s best made memories happen during family camping trips. No television, no distractions — just the great outdoors,...
  7. Health & Wellness

    Field guide to summer safety

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    Do you know what to do if someone's stung by a bee? What about a broken bone while camping? Don't hit the great outdoors without...
  8. Food & Recipes

    A foodie's camping arsenal

    Before you take your next overnight trip in the great outdoors, stock up on a few supplies that every foodie needs to make sure...
  9. Family Travel

    Best U.S. campsites for babies

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    Taking the baby with you on your next camping trip can be an amazing experience for the whole family -- especially if you pitch a...
  10. More Parenting Advice

    Baby-friendly camping guide

    With a few pieces of additional gear, your baby can join your camping trip and be introduced to the great outdoors!
  11. Baby & Toddler

    Know before you go: Baby's first camping trip

    Family camping trips can be a whole lot of fun -- roasting marshmallows, hiking through the woods and sleeping under the stars....
  12. Travel

    How to camp in your own backyard

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    There are many reasons to camp in the comfort of your own backyard. But before you head outside, make sure you have everything you...
  13. Travel

    Let's go glamping

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    Glamping is the new way to camp in luxury. Forget about roughing it and check out these glamping spots across the country.
  14. Road Trips & Air Travel

    Must-have camping gadgets and gear

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    Camping season is upon us. But before you head out into the wilderness we wanted to help make sure you're ready for anything....
  15. Dogs

    Tips for taking your dog camping

    Temps are rising and days are getting longer, so you know what that means: camping! The best part of a camping trip is that you can...
  16. Family Activities

    Is it possible to take a baby on a camping trip?

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    Camping with a baby can be a fun experience, but like at home, it can bring unexpected changes to your baby’s routine and mood. By...
  17. Family Activities

    Best campgrounds in West Virginia

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    It’s a great time for a camping trip, and West Virginia has some of the best places to camp. Whether you’re into fishing, hiking,...
  18. Family Activities

    Best campgrounds in South Dakota

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    South Dakota offers a multitude of amazing camping options -- these are some of our family favorites.
  19. Family Activities

    Alabama campgrounds

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    Planning a summer vacation? Look no further than Alabama’s state parks, where you’ll find everything from primitive campsites to...
  20. Family Activities

    Family-friendly campgrounds in Washington State

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    Hello summer! It's nice to see you finally arrive in Washington State, and we're going to celebrate you by doing a little camping!...