1. Well-being

    Best approach to nix caffeine: Cold turkey or slow fade?

    Whether your doctor’s ordering you around or you’re just sick of the afternoon jitters, you’ve decided to simmer down on the whole...
  2. Diet

    Can we have a "come to Jesus" about coffee?

    As coffee indulgent as I am, there isn’t one sip I’ve taken that hasn’t been laced with guilt: Am I improving my health by drinking...
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    Get your coffee fix without the caffeine

    For those who can't tolerate coffee, there's still hope. These coffee alternatives might not be the real thing, but they're...
  4. Healthy Recipes

    Does coffee really make you more alert?

    There's no question that millions of Americans are addicted to caffeine. Does it really make you more alert? Or is it just a hoax?
  5. Healthy Recipes

    Why to give up caffeine and what to replace it with

    We all love caffeine, and, in a world where there's a Starbucks on just about every corner, it's awfully hard to avoid it. Truth is,...
  6. Parenting

    Death by energy drink: Latest lawsuit involving teen

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    You know you wouldn't hand your preschooler a mug of coffee, but is it OK to let your teen chug down caffeine-filled energy drinks?
  7. Diet

    4 Natural energy boosters

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    How energetic do you feel at two in the afternoon? If you're like most women, you'd pay off the janitor to let you nap in the broom...
  8. Well-being

    7 Best ways to bust stress

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    Fast, ambitious lives can cause anxiety that becomes as much a part of our daily rhythms as our work and lattes. Whenever we are...
  9. Drink Recipes

    Starbucks introduces new Trenta size

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    Starbucks is introduced a new size to their line-up. Read on to learn more about this super-sized new drink choice.
  10. K-12

    Should kids be banned from buying energy drinks?

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    Long Island, New York is mulling a potential ban on energy drink sales to kids, claiming that the drinks are too unhealthy for...