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    Disturbing confessions of a real estate agent

    Being a real estate agent is serious business. They have to deal with picky buyers and very stingy sellers, but that's not even the...
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    Is it wrong to buy a house that has existing tenants?

    If you find out the home you're interested in buying has existing tenants, you might feel a bit queasy kicking them out. But should...
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    House hunters: What $300K will get you in Miami

    There are few places in the world as vibrant, diverse and, well, cool as Miami. With its world-class restaurants, hot nightlife and...
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    Can buying a house that's haunted save you money?

    That house in the perfect neighborhood is said to be haunted, but you ain't afraid of no ghost. And then you wonder… could you save...
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    How to do a DIY home inspection

    Depending on where you live and the company you use, a home inspection can cost anywhere from $250 to $400. If you're confident that...
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    Questions to ask your mortgage loan consultant

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    What are some questions you should ask and information you should gather before meeting with your mortgage broker, lender or...
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    Home buying: Steps to getting started

    Ready for a house hunt? Learn the necessary steps to finding and purchasing your new home!
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    How the home buying process works

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    Understanding how the buying process works can smooth the path to home ownership! Ready to find your new home-sweet-home?
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    Rent a home or buy your own?

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    If you're considering a move, you might be trying to decide whether you should rent a home (or condo or apartment) or buy a home....
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    House hunting? What to look for before you fall in love

    Imagine falling in love with a house, putting an offer on it, entrenching yourself into the lending process and then discovering...
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    Printable moving checklist

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    Make moving easier by following this checklist to get you prepped, packed and on your way.