burger recipes

  1. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Creamy, spicy jalapeño popper burgers

    Smothered in cream cheese and spicy jalapeños, this is a burger you're going to want on your grill.
  2. Cooking & Entertaining

    The ultimate breakfast burger

    This fully loaded breakfast burger combines all the best breakfast ingredients around. Take one bite, and you'll be in food nirvana.
  3. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Fritos pie burger, seriously

    Are you one of those people who loves to add chips to your burger for that extra crunch but always feels like people are judging...
  4. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Thai salmon burgers with spicy peanut butter sauce

    Salmon burgers are nutritious and delicious, but when they're drizzled with a Thai peanut butter sauce, they become out of this...
  5. Food & Recipes

    Vegetarians, grab a tasty burger at these restaurants

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    When you're a vegetarian, going out for meals can be challenging, especially at restaurants with a limited menu. But going to a...
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    Bourbon plus burger is a match made in heaven

    Your beef patty will be thanking you for the lovely bourbon addition to the burger and to the sauce.
  7. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Spicy barbecue chicken burgers with an island flair

    Chicken burgers don't have to be dry and boring. We packed ours full of spicy peppers and seasoning. To balance out that spice, we...
  8. Healthy Recipes

    Meatless Monday: Homemade white bean veggie burgers

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    Whether you like your veggie burgers with a bun or prefer to hold the bread, try this easy-to-make recipe that is big on flavor.
  9. Cooking & Entertaining

    The juiciest, most mouthwatering burger recipes for summer

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    Sometimes all you crave is a juicy burger. The perfect bun, the saucy condiments and the meaty patty create a trifecta of perfect...
  10. Healthy Recipes

    Grill the healthy way with quinoa-sweet potato burgers

    At my house, spring and summer are all about barbecues. We pop open the white wine, unload the shorts from the attic and warm up the...
  11. Healthy Recipes

    3 Hefty and hearty fish burgers (with a homemade bun recipe)

    Dear ground beef, while it's been real hanging out with you these past 20-something years of my life, I'm sort of ready for a...
  12. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Meatless cheeseburger stroganoff

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    This vegetarian-friendly stroganoff uses crumbled veggie burgers in place of meat and is served with a creamy sauce over noodles.
  13. Healthy Recipes

    Stuffed vegan 'cheeseburger' bombs

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    Show your family your creative side with these warm inside out vegan cheeseburger-stuffed bites. Meatless and dairy-free, these...
  14. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Hawaiian salmon patty burgers

    This is a twist on your classic hamburger. A delicious salmon burger topped with crunchy greens and a big slice of pineapple.
  15. Cooking & Entertaining

    Bruschetta burgers

    Take all the delicious ingredients of bruschetta and put them on a juicy burger.
  16. Cooking & Entertaining

    Cheeseburger pizza

    Two comfort foods combined into a fun dinner the family will love!
  17. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Supreme taco sliders

    Is it a taco? Is it a burger? It’s both! Sliders dressed with all the taco fixings give you the best flavors of each dish.
  18. Healthy Recipes

    Black lentil, pistachio and shiitake mushroom burger

    Forget those flavorless frozen veggie burgers… make your own vegan burgers at home with lentils, mushrooms and pistachios.
  19. Cooking & Entertaining

    Lamb burgers with feta-yogurt sauce and cucumber, tomato, onion, dill salad

    Change up your burger routine with these super delicious lamb burgers with feta-yogurt sauce and cucumber, tomato, onion, dill salad!
  20. Cooking & Entertaining

    Top 10 burgers from around the world

    Like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, we believe an amazing burger is more than just a piece of meat on a bun. It can completely...