1. School & Education

    What to do if your child is being bullied

    According to StompOutBullying.com , one out of four children is bullied and up to 43 percent of children are bullied while online.
  2. Movies

    Hey, bully, stay away from my friend

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    The new Bully documentary raising awareness about how to end the epidemic of bullying that seems to be sweeping the nation...
  3. Movies

    Movie review: Bully

    Bully tells the story not of five bullies, but of five families who have been their victims. Each story is as heartbreaking as it...
  4. Movies

    Bully movie skips past MPAA and goes unrated

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    Nearly half a million people aren't happy with the MPAA's attempt to give the film Bully an R rating. Their voices have been...
  5. Tips & Advice

    Parenting Guru: When girls bully

    Kimber Bishop-Yanke has spent the last 13 years teaching kids how to stand up to bullies. The founder and president of Detroit-based...
  6. Movies

    How a bully can change your life

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    The topic of bullies has finally risen above the play yard banter and into the consciousness of parents and caregivers across...
  7. K-12

    Do you ever worry that YOUR child is the class bully?

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    All of us believe that our child, who is sweet and lovable at home, behaves and shows the utmost respect while at school. Most...
  8. K-12

    How to stop cyberbullying

    Last night Tom's daughter, Sue, came out of her room and said, "I got another one of those instant messages. It says, 'tomorrow you...