breast cancer risks

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    When women should say bye-bye to healthy breasts

    A new study shows that removing both breasts in breast cancer patients — even when one is cancer-free — yields higher survival rates.
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    Negative BRCA test doesn’t mean you can’t get breast cancer

    A new study finds that a negative BRCA test doesn't necessarily mean you will never develop breast cancer.
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    The scary truth about dense breast tissue

    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I quickly learned that women’s breasts are made up of a mixture of dense tissue and...
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    Panel OKs breast cancer drugs

    A panel says that healthy women who are at a higher risk of breast cancer may consider drugs to help prevent the disease.
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    Dense breast tissue can hinder breast cancer detection

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    Many women diligently perform monthly breast self-exams. They’re looking for the slightest aberration so they can seek medical...
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    Breast cancer in numbers: Get the facts

    Every woman is vulnerable to breast cancer, but knowing the facts helps us take steps to reduce our risk factors.
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    Quick guide to breast cancer screening

    Screenings for breast cancer are vital, because early detection saves lives.
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    Breast cancer: Everyday things that raise your risk

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    Do you make healthy lifestyle choices that protect you from breast cancer, or do your choices put you at a greater risk? You may be...
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    New drug for breast cancer: Fish oil?

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    Breast cancer accounts for more than 25 percent of all female cancers. It is also strongly linked to obesity, which means as the...