breast cancer

  1. Exercise & Fitness

    Fundraisers that will have your heart and body feeling good

    Looking for a way to help others while having the time of your life? From fun with your girlfriends decorating bras to getting...
  2. Books

    INTERVIEW: Author Madhulika Sikka says no to "pink washing" breast cancer

    S is for sex, J is for journey and Q is for quitting in Madhulika Sikka's new book about her experience with breast cancer.
  3. Conditions

    When women should say bye-bye to healthy breasts

    A new study shows that removing both breasts in breast cancer patients — even when one is cancer-free — yields higher survival rates.
  4. Women's Health

    The fight against breast cancer just got stronger

    Could a drugstore supplement be the key to slowing breast cancer tumor growth?
  5. Prevention & Detection

    Negative BRCA test doesn’t mean you can’t get breast cancer

    A new study finds that a negative BRCA test doesn't necessarily mean you will never develop breast cancer.
  6. Women's Health

    How your breasts age

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    A study finds that breasts age quicker than the rest of a woman's body.
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    GMA host Amy Robach discovers breast cancer on TV

    Amy Robach really didn't want the assignment she was given by her producers, but it turned out that the story affected her entire...
  8. Breast Cancer Awareness

    Daily vitamins may increase breast cancer survival

    Could taking vitamins be key in helping postmenopausal women survive breast cancer?
  9. Conditions

    Is your biopsy at risk for a mix-up?

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    A new study sheds light on prostate biopsy mix-ups, and it could point to potential errors with breast biopsies and pap tests.
  10. Conditions

    Blood test may detect breast cancer

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    A new test on the market aims to detect breast cancer cells — and similar tests like it are emerging.
  11. Wellness

    5 Common myths about breast cancer

    According to the Avon Foundation for Women, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the world, with one woman...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Giuliana Rancic: Life after breast cancer

    Giuliana Rancic is optimistic about her future now that her cancer is behind her and she's living a full life both on and off-screen.
  13. Breast Cancer Awareness & Support

    Introducing a beauty site for breast cancer patients

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    There are plenty of websites devoted to breast cancer, ranging from research to resources for patients. But what about a website...
  14. Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

    Real story: My breast cancer was close to my heart

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    A breast cancer diagnosis for a mom of three rocked her world, but her story of courage and survival is inspiring for us all.
  15. Diagnosis & Treatment

    Debate: To remove both breasts or just one?

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    More women are removing both breasts despite having cancer in only one. Are they ill-informed or simply being proactive?
  16. Diagnosis & Treatment

    FDA extends one breast cancer treatment drug's reach

    The FDA is expanding the use of Perjeta, a breast cancer drug, for patients with early stage breast cancer.
  17. Super Moms Guide

    Breastfeeding after breast cancer: Real mom stories

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    Breastfeeding can be challenging for any new mom, but these moms had mastectomies and were able to nurse their babies. Get inspired...
  18. Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

    Real story: After surviving breast cancer, I inspire others

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    Hollye Jacobs was working as a pediatric and adult hospice nurse when she received news that rocked her world — she had breast...
  19. Entertainment

    10 Inspiring movies about breast cancer

    Whether you are battling breast cancer or supporting a loved one who is, you'll find courage to keep fighting from these 10...
  20. Entertainment

    Breast cancer buddies: Stars who supported each other

    Without the occasional kind word or reassuring squeeze from a bestie, life's struggles would be infinitely more difficult. In honor...