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    Bryan Cranston returns to How I Met Your Mother

    With Breaking Bad ending, Bryan Cranston is moving on. He is returning to his comedic side by leaving Walter White behind.
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    Breaking Bad series finale prediction

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    This is a fictional representation of what could happen on the upcoming Breaking Bad finale. There's no wizardry involved, only...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEO: Betsy Brandt really wanted Emmy win for Breaking Bad

    Betsy Brandt reveals how emotional she is that the hit series Breaking Bad is coming to an end, but the actress also has exciting...
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    Low Winter Sun schedule changes

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    You won't find Low Winter Sun where you expect for the remainder of the season. We're here to steer you in the right direction so...
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    Breaking Bad revisits its recipe for success

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    As a thank-you to fans, AMC goes back in time by releasing a season finale poster featuring a stark image of the RV where Walt and...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Aaron Paul rents hometown theater to watch Breaking Bad

    Aaron Paul is fairly new to the world of Hollywood, and is doing what he can for the town that made him who he is. He will head back...
  7. Television

    Jimmy Fallon pays tribute to Breaking Bad (sort of)

    Jimmy Fallon and Steven Higgins take on the icon roles of Breaking Bad 's Walt and Jessie. The results are awesome.
  8. Television

    Breaking Bad gets spinoff for Saul Goodman

    As it nears the end of its final season, Breaking Bad gets a spinoff based on one of its most popular characters, sleazy lawyer...
  9. Television

    Breaking Bad star speaks out on fan hate

    Breaking Bad 's Anna Gunn is taking a stand against cyberbullies. Over the years, she and her character have received unwarranted...
  10. Television

    Breaking Bad stars open up about "Buried" episode

    Stars Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn talk about the emotional impact of Breaking Bad 's "Buried" episode.
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Aaron Paul never wants Breaking Bad to end

    Breaking Bad has been a part of Aaron Paul's life for years now, and he's not sure he's ready to move on.
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    Breaking Bad : Funniest Honest Trailer videos

    Breaking Bad premieres Sunday, and Honest Trailer is celebrating with its trademark epic-movie-voice guy and a whole heap of...
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    Stephen Colbert rocks out to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"

    Stephen Colbert and a few of his celebrity friends, including Hugh Laurie, Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges and Jimmy Fallon...
  14. Television

    VIDEO: New teasers for Breaking Bad 's final season

    AMC releases four new teaser videos for the final season of Breaking Bad . Are there any clues in the videos about how the story...
  15. Television

    Breaking Bad cast talks about some of their favorite scenes

    Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston talk about a couple of their favorite scenes to shoot as Breaking Bad heads toward its finale.
  16. Television

    TV's most dysfunctional families

    We're the Millers is on its way to a theater near you, but you don't need to pay eleven bucks to witness a dysfunctional family....
  17. Television

    Breaking Bad finale season teaser and a spoiler

    It was a big day for Breaking Bad . Not only do we have a new teaser for the last eight episodes of the show, but maybe even a...
  18. Television

    VIDEOS: Flashback! Before they were Emmy nominees

    The 2013 Emmy nominations are comprised of some of Hollywood’s most talented and sometimes most underrated talent. While we...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Bryan Cranston sees Breaking Bad character in himself

    Bryan Cranston has played every kind of character, but knew he found something special in Walter White. He finds himself...
  20. Television

    Breaking Bad Jesse vs. Walt: Who's really the good guy?

    Who's the good guy on Breaking Bad : Jesse or Walt? It kind of depends on your point of view.