breaking bad

  1. Television

    Better Call Saul billboard actually lets you call Saul

    As if AMC needed more hype around its Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul . The network isn't slacking in the creativity...
  2. Television

    4 Things we want if Breaking Bad returns

    Bryan Cranston caused an internet flurry when he suggested there was still some life left for Breaking Bad . We're going to get our...
  3. Television

    Never say never: Bryan Cranston on more Breaking Bad

    Bryan Cranston hints that more Breaking Bad could be possible someday. We take a closer look at the story and some ways it could...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Bryan Cranston scares teen girl into going to prom

    Bryan Cranston proved Walter White wasn't all bad when he used the good-guy-gone-wrong character to help a youngster get a date to...
  5. Television

    Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan guests on Community

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    Fan favorite Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan makes a rare cameo appearance as the host of a vintage VCR game. His talent knows...
  6. Movies

    2014 SAG Awards predictions: Breaking Bad ftw!

    In our annual bid for bragging rights, SheKnows predicts which stars will bring home a SAG Award in 2014. And hey, Bryan Cranston...
  7. Television

    Snubbed! These 2014 Golden Globes snubs completely surprised us

    The Golden Globes are on Sunday, Jan. 12, but a few high-profile shows and movies aren't nominated this year. Who was overlooked?
  8. Television

    12 Must-watch TV moments of 2013

    All of those early lists are overrated. 2013 doesn't end until midnight on Dec. 31st, right? Here's our look at the best TV moments...
  9. Television

    Netflix nabs screening rights to Breaking Bad spin-off

    Breaking Bad 's lawyer, Saul, is set to return to AMC and shortly after to appear on Netflix. That's right! There's news on Better...
  10. Television

    Fox's Gracepoint nabs Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn

    Breaking Bad 's Skyler White has found her next series role! Anna Gunn will be starring opposite David Tennant in the U.S....
  11. Halloween for Grownups

    3 Easy Halloween costumes inspired by Breaking Bad

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    Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, two iconic and unforgettable characters, came onto our TV sets and into our lives in 2008. Even...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Anthony Hopkins pens fan letter to the cast of Breaking Bad

    Anthony Hopkins is considered one of the best actors of our time, so sometimes it's easy to forget he enjoys good TV just like the...
  13. Television

    6 Gritty shows to fill the Breaking Bad void

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    To round out your Breaking Bad withdrawal package, today we give to you six shows you can view at your leisure to get your fix of...
  14. Television

    Breaking Bad withdrawal? Where to find the cast next

    Breaking Bad may be over, but the creator and cast have been propelled to stardom. Find out their next moves with this...
  15. Television

    Breaking Bad cooks up a satisfying finale

    Walter White returned for the finale, sporting a full head of hair and putting his affairs in order, leaving smiles on the faces of...
  16. Television

    Breaking Bad finale: Celebrities react

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    Celebs tweet their love for, shock at, best guesses about and annoyance with Breaking Bad 's series finale.
  17. Television

    Bryan Cranston returns to How I Met Your Mother

    With Breaking Bad ending, Bryan Cranston is moving on. He is returning to his comedic side by leaving Walter White behind.
  18. Television

    Breaking Bad series finale prediction

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    This is a fictional representation of what could happen on the upcoming Breaking Bad finale. There's no wizardry involved, only...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEO: Betsy Brandt really wanted Emmy win for Breaking Bad

    Betsy Brandt reveals how emotional she is that the hit series Breaking Bad is coming to an end, but the actress also has exciting...
  20. Television

    Low Winter Sun schedule changes

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    You won't find Low Winter Sun where you expect for the remainder of the season. We're here to steer you in the right direction so...