box office recap

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    Box office battle: Chronicle beats Woman in Black in close race

    It was a close race at the box office this Super Bowl weekend with Chronicle edging out The Woman in Black for the number one spot.
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    Box office shock: Liam Neeson’s The Grey steals No. 1

    Liam Neeson’s action film set in the snowy tundra of Alaska, The Grey, took in more than expected to win number one at the box...
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    Underworld: Awakening grabs No. 1 at the box office

    The leather clad female hero with double guns who fights vampires like no other takes the reigns at the box office this weekend as...
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    Contraband steals No. 1 at the box office

    In a surprise move from a film that had critics scratching their heads, Contraband smuggled more than its fair share of box office...
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    Box office bewitched with The Devil Inside at No. 1

    Audiences wanted frights this weekend as the low-budget film The Devil Inside took home the big bucks, leaving Tom Cruise No. 2 and...
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    Puss in Boots swaggers into a box office win

    Halloween, The World Series and a Northeastern snow storm put a pox on the box office over the last weekend of October, but with the...
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    Paranormal Activity 3 spooks the box office competition

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    Moviegoers must be ready for Halloween frights, because they flocked to see Paranormal Activity 3 in droves the weekend of Oct....
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    Real Steel dances with Footloose at the box office

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    Real Steel maintains its title for biggest movie of the weekend according to early estimates. With the official box office numbers...
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    Dolphin Tale flipped the box office race for a win

    After two weeks in the top three, Dolphin Tale swam to first this weekend. Moneyball maintained its hold on second, while The Lion...
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    The Lion King roars into 3D to reclaim the box office

    The Lion King returned with a 3D makeover and the 17 year old Disney king ruled the box office, again. All those new releases we've...
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    The Help can't be held down

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    The Help continued to hold the number one spot at the box office over Labor Day weekend and with the movie making waves, the...
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    Saw 3D cuts through the box office competition

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    Forget the treats: Halloween 2010 had moviegoers in the mood for some tricks and screams this weekend. The seventh and final chapter...
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    Alice in Wonderland tops box office

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    As movie buffs watched the Academy Awards to see The Hurt Locker seemingly sweep the major categories such as Best Picture and...