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    Brave hits bull’s-eye with No. 1 at box office

    The girl-power movie about a fiery redheaded princess who doesn’t want to get married beats out the president who hates bloodsuckers...
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    Madagascar 3 repeats with No. 1 box office win

    There’s a double take this week at the box office because things look exactly like last week -- Madagascar 3 coming in first and...
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    Madagascar 3 trumps Prometheus for No. 1 at the box office

    The sequel to the much-loved lost zoo animal film beats the sci-fi thriller from Ridley Scott in a box office showdown that had...
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    Snow White fairest with No. 1 at the box office

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    The very dark, very scruffy take on the classic fairy tale, Snow White and the Huntsman, proves audiences don’t need a shiny blue...
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    Men in Black III takes out Avengers streak

    The third installation in the lucrative sci-fi espionage franchise, Men in Black III, proves audiences like black suits over tights...
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    Avengers sinks Battleship to nab third week at No. 1

    The unstoppable superhero movie The Avengers destroys Battleship’s chances at number one by earning more than $55 million again this...
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    Avengers wipes out Dark Shadows with $1 billion at box office

    The Avengers, the super hero movie with the gorgeous cast, has much to celebrate this weekend with its box office returns reaching...
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    Avengers steals $200 million record at box office

    In an unprecedented $200 million opening weekend for the new action hero ensemble that has everyone from Scarlett Johansson to...
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    Apparently everyone wants to Think Like a Man

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    Think Like a Man took home top honors at the weekend box office for a second week in a row, while the Jason Segel and Emily Blunt...
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    Think Like a Man ends The Hunger Games' reign

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    Katniss Everdeen and her friends from The Hunger Games stepped down from their one-month reign as box office champion to make room...
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    Will The Hunger Games ever leave the top?

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    The Hunger Games blew away the competition at the box office for a fourth straight weekend, but some dim-witted jokesters managed...
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    The Hunger Games three times box office No. 1

    Titanic 3D and American Reunion were no match for the archer with the golden bow. The Hunger Games nabbed the number one spot...
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    The Hunger Games wins box office No. 1 again

    It’s no surprise that the book-turned-movie sensation is number one for a second week in a row at the box office. The teen action...
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    The Hunger Games scorches at the box office

    The story of life and death for teen fighters living in a brutal dictatorship is the number one movie in America this week after...
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    21 Jump Street pounces on No. 1 at box office

    Wowing audiences with the remake of the popular TV series about a couple of twentysomething cops who have to go back to high school,...
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    Tree hugging is the new green at the box office

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    The Lorax, Dr. Seuss’s homage to the environment, beat out Disney’s $250 million Mars mission, John Carter, in an upset that...
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    The Lorax hugs No. 1 at the box office

    The little fuzzy ball of orange love, The Lorax, the keeper of the trees, saw green opening weekend with a stunning $70.1 million in...
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    Box office report: Act of Valor captures No. 1

    With ticket sales on a steady rise since New Year’s, another action hero film opened at number one with $25 million in box office...
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    Safe House nabs No. 1 at the box office

    Debuting at number two due to Valentine’s Day love for The Vow, Safe House manages to beat out the competition for a top spot at the...
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    Box office recap: The Vow gets hitched to No. 1

    Who said there are no true romantics left in the world? The pre-Valentine’s Day weekend at the box office was a smashing hit for The...