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    The Croods goes caveman at the box office

    What happens when a Neanderthal girl falls for a Homo sapiens boy? The box office erupts! The Croods , an adorable animated...
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    Box office is off to see the Wizard — again!

    Sadly, the magic is gone for Burt Wonderstone , whose sleight-of-hand comedy was no match for the power of the Wizard. But Halle...
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    Oz sees emerald green at the box office

    With the best opening of 2013 so far, Oz followed the yellow brick road to $80 million at the box office. James Franco stars in...
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    Jack the Giant Slayer slays the box office — barely

    Although it leads the pack with Jack this weekend, Warner Bros. is looking overseas to make up for poor US box offices. But the...
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    Identity Thief cons its way to No. 1 at the box office

    Comedy was queen this weekend at the movies, which is great news for Melissa McCarthy. She can look forward to more starring roles,...
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    Box office delivers an early zombie valentine

    On this sports-tastic weekend, teenage girls represented at the box office, making the undead romance Warm Bodies No. 1.
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    Hansel and Gretel leave popcorn trail to No. 1 at the box office

    This reinvention of the classic Grimm fairy tale was anything but grim at the box office this weekend, but how did the other...
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    Zero Dark Thirty targets weekend box office

    Sorry Gosling. The hunt for Osama Bin Laden took you out by a long shot.
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    Texas Chainsaw 3D slashes through the box office

    It's that time again: We're rounding up the top 10 box office flicks to help you decide your next moviegoing experience! This week's...
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    The Hobbit sets record weekend at the box office

    As if we didn't see it coming, the debut weekend for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings prequel made a gigantic dent in the weekend...
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    Skyfall reclaims box office throne

    Gerard Butler may have been playing for keeps this weekend, but the box office numbers are showing Bond isn't playing around....
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    Breaking Dawn — Part 2 commands weekend box office

    Not even Bond could stop the Twilight pandemonium.
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    Skyfall slays weekend box office

    Big surprise: James Bond and Skyfall smoke the competition.
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    Argo soars over clouds in weekend box office

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    Argo infiltrates the top spot this weekend despite the efforts of three new box office contenders, including the Tom Hanks/Halle...
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    Shock value scores Paranormal box office success

    It may have topped the box office this weekend, but Paramount Pictures may be more alarmed by the numbers than by any sort of...
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    The Dark Knight Rises nabs box office No. 1 again

    Despite fears there might be a repeat of last week’s shooting, The Dark Knight Rises nabs the number one spot with a promising...
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    Dark Knight Rises breaks records with mega box office No. 1

    Christopher Nolan’s dark interpretation of the Batman series comes to an end with The Dark Knight Rises breaking records for best...
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    Ice Age 4 freezes out Spider-Man for box office No. 1

    The fourth installment in the popular Ice Age series takes out Spidey with its iceberg of laughs for No. 1 this week at the box...
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    Spider-Man spins amazing No. 1 at box office

    Superhero movies are the new lovechild in Hollywood as fans come out in droves to see The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew...
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    Ted knocks out Magic Mike for box office No. 1

    Ted, the rated R comedy about a man and his raunchy teddy bear takes audiences by surprise this weekend as it climbed the charts to...