1. Books

    Jojo Moyes' One Plus One and four other books for the long weekend

    These five books are perfect picks to have with you for a long weekend, whether you are staying at home or going on a little vacation.
  2. Television

    Anderson Cooper gets animated in new Black Widow comic

    We always knew Anderson Cooper was a superhero, right? No? OK, well he's still not. But he is set to come alive on the pages of...
  3. Books

    Can't wait for 2014 fall TV? Kill time with these five books

    Can't handle the anticipation of the upcoming fall TV shows? Check out these books in the meantime to hold you over.
  4. Books

    10 Fall 2014 reads written by female authors

    Scoping out new authors to read? Pick up these fabulous female authors' books that we are loving for fall.
  5. Books

    Oxford Dictionaries adds 50 cray new phrases

    I was going to try and fit all 50 of the new words from into this article, but that would just result in a lot...
  6. Books

    Is Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles coming to the big screen?

    Universal Pictures, along with Imagine Entertainment, just acquired the rights to Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I know what you're...
  7. Books

    Man Booker Prize: Why do Americans have to win everything?

    Last week, the Man Booker Prize released its long list of novel finalists. After 45 years of this prestigious literary award being...
  8. Books

    12 best, hottest summer reads for the whole family

    Next time you take a family outing to the local bookstore, keep these books in mind — they're perfect for the entire family.
  9. Books

    INTERVIEW: Abdi Nazemian's The Walk-In Closet takes us into the lives of the Iranian-American elite

    Hilarious, heartbreaking and edgy, with a shocking twist, Abdi Nazemian's fiction debut, The Walk-In Closet , provides a glimpse...
  10. Sex

    Pst! This app lets you listen to erotic books in secret, for free

    Say "laters, baby" to all those judgey looks you get for reading an erotic novel on the commute to work, thanks to a new app from...
  11. Books

    7 Father's Day books perfect for any kind of dad

    Whether your dad is a wannabe comedian, loves historical fiction or served in the armed forces, here are a few books worth picking...
  12. Books

    12 Summer reads by Jennifer Weiner, Emma Straub & more

    From now through Labor Day, we have all of your summer reading needs covered. These books are the perfect companions for a lazy...
  13. Entertainment

    12 Best crime-solving books for wannabe detectives

    Summertime begs for a stack of mysteries and thrillers. Not sure where to start, gumshoe? Add these 12 crime-solving reads to your...
  14. Entertainment

    5 Books that should be made into TV series

    You may be surprised to know some of your favorite TV shows were actually books before they hit the small screen. True Blood,...
  15. Toddler & Preschoolers

    15 Great books for your preschooler

    Reading together is one of the best things you can do for your preschooler. It expands their vocabulary, builds imagination,...
  16. Books

    Miss Once Upon a Time ? Read these 5 books this summer

    Once Upon a Time may be over, but don't fret. Keep the magic alive this summer with these enchanting reads.
  17. Books

    If your mom loves these TV shows, buy her these books

    Mother's Day gifts can be tricky. Check out the best books to give your mom if she is TV-obsessed.
  18. Books

    6 Books to read while you wait for this summer's new releases

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    The amount of time you have to wait until an author's new book comes out can be unbearable. Pass some time by reading these novels.
  19. Careers

    10 Audio books that will transform your commute to work

    Want to stay up-to-date on all the latest must-have books? Here are 10 books in audio format that are easy to squeeze in during your...
  20. Movies

    Gone Girl trailer: Is Ben Affleck a killer?

    The new movie trailer for David Fincher's Gone Girl has hit the internet and it promises lots of mystery, and may even turn Ben...