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    6 Most controversial books about religion

    Time Magazine named Pope Francis "Person of the Year" in 2013. It’s no wonder, with the way he seamlessly caught the attention of...
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    My Name Is Will and other Shakespeare spin-offs

    We all read Shakespeare in school, and even though we may not have liked him then, modern authors have given the Bard new life.
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    Stay up all night with one of these books this Valentine's Day

    This Valentine's Day, spend the night doing something (instead of someone) you love: reading. We think one of these seven books...
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    7 Hot YA books for 2014 you must read

    Looking for a book to get lost in? Check out the hottest list of young adult books for the new year.
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    Cookbook roundup for the new year

    It's now three weeks into the new year... was your New Year's resolution to lose more weight? Or maybe you've decided to commit to a...
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    Historical fiction roundup: Scientific discoveries

    Historical fiction covers a variety of subjects, not just the wives of Henry VIII. This month, we're rounding up five of our...
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    Audio book roundup for March

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    Are you ready for spring vacation? Don't forget to stock up on some of this season's great audio books. This month's suggestions...
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    Audio book roundup for February

    For those of us who live in the northern latitudes, February can be cold and dreary. Beat the winter blues by letting yourself be...
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    Audio-roundup for January

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    January is the perfect month to spend some time with an audiobook. Whether you're on the treadmill, running errands, commuting to...
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    Non-fiction round-up: Best new true stories for 2012

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    Here are five new must-read non-fiction books to check out in 2012.
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    Book roundup: Best books of 2011

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    We've rounded up our favorite books from 2011. Check out our choices and why we loved them!