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    Graphic novel Kill My Mother is Feiffer's noir masterpiece

    In classic noir fashion, Oscar- and Pulitzer-winning writer/illustrator Jules Feiffer creates a cast of female characters who won't...
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    INTERVIEW: Garcelle Beauvais tackles divorce in new children's book

    Divorce within a family is not only about Mom and Dad. Kids have to deal with the repercussions as well, but actress Garcelle...
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    Roxane Gay explains what it means to be a Bad Feminist

    When Roxane Gay was first called a "feminist," she felt attacked. Society would have her believe feminists were all "angry,...
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    Should you read If I Stay before watching? Amazon Books Editor says yes

    Next week, If I Stay opens in theaters, following the success of the young adult novel adaptation The Fault in Our Stars earlier...
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    Adichie's We Should All Be Feminists is a call to action: Will you step up?

    "Feminist" has become a bad word, an angry word. If you're a feminist, you don't shave your legs, you hate men and you never want to...
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    BOOK REVIEW: Daisy Goodwin’s The Fortune Hunter is full of sexy tension, intrigue

    There might be a woman on the cover of Daisy Goodwin's newly released Fortune Hunter , but this book is all about one sexy, sexy...
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    INTERVIEW: Marja Mills on The Mockingbird Next Door and her side of the controversy

    Harper Lee penned one of the most iconic pieces of American literature, To Kill a Mockingbird , and she's famous for being...
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    INTERVIEW: Jenny Mollen writes about some “weird s***” in new book

    She’s not really a writer, and yet Jenny Mollen’s new book I Like You Just the Way I Am makes you cringe in all the right places.
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    Will Grisha trilogy's Alina & Mal live happily ever after? Leigh Bardugo spills

    We've ridden the emotional wave through two books. Now, book three is within our reach, but are fans ready to say goodbye to the...
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    REVIEW: Jennifer Weiner's All Fall Down takes substance abuse to the suburbs

    Allison Weiss has it all: family, career and a drug habit that might be less habit, more addiction.
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    Get kinky with Cassie Alexander's choose-your-own-erotica

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    You're recently divorced when you receive a key in the mail and an invitation to explore your wildest fantasies.
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    Jenner sisters' City of Indra is better than you're expecting

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    No matter their public reputations, the Jenner sisters have struck literary gold with heroines Lex and Livia.
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    Marlo Thomas' It Ain't Over : 5 Inspiring stories of reinvention

    Marlo Thomas is a well-known do-gooder. Now, she has collected stories that give women of all ages the strength to dream big.
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    Patricia Lockwood goes beyond "Rape Joke" in new collection

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    Lockwood's Twitter rep went sky-high when "Rape Joke" went viral. Now, she's back and artfully brutal as ever.
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    Children Who Have Lived Before : Fact or fiction?

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    A child in the Golan Heights remembers being murdered in a past life, and believe it or not, his killer confessed to the crime.
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    INTERVIEW: Beautiful Creatures authors reveal the YA books that saved their lives

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    For fans who thought the Caster world had come to a close, good news: There are four more books in the pipeline, starting with...
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    5 Reasons why Lick is NOT your typical erotica novel

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    In a market overwhelmed by crappy erotica, along comes a novel that reinvigorates my faith in smut.
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    Book review: Traveling Pants author Ann Brashares takes on time traveling

    The phrase "present dystopian" may sound like an oxymoron, but Ann Brashares manages to capture the idea perfectly in her new book...
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    Marital cheating and scandal in books: Sending the wrong message?

    Marriage is a serious relationship of commitment and hard work, but when it gets too hard, is it OK to cheat?
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    Red Hot Book of the Week: Kristan Higgins' Waiting on You

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    Colleen O'Rourke grew up in the small town of Manningsport, New York, where everyone knows everyone — and everyone's business.