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    Book review: Traveling Pants author Ann Brashares takes on time traveling

    The phrase "present dystopian" may sound like an oxymoron, but Ann Brashares manages to capture the idea perfectly in her new book...
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    6 Spring reads to add to your April book list

    Arianna Huffington, Jane Green and more make up this all-female book list. Start off the spring season with one of these fantastic...
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    INTERVIEW: Celebs offer post-college advice in Katherine Schwarzenegger's book

    The infamous "Now what?" question haunts all of us post-grads. Katherine Schwarzenegger's new book explores inspiring celeb stories...
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    Red Hot Book of the Week: Kristan Higgins' Waiting on You

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    Colleen O'Rourke grew up in the small town of Manningsport, New York, where everyone knows everyone — and everyone's business.
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    If you love Divergent , then you'll love these five books

    Once you've watched the film a few times over, why not pick up one of these reads?
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    INTERVIEW: Two men bravely discover a different American Dream

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    When Joshua Fields Millburn was a successful businessman, he referred to his life as one big unhappy accident.
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    INTERVIEW: Pencils of Promise's Adam Braun shares life-changing lessons in new book

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    Pencils of Promise founder Adam Braun's first book, which comes out today, details his journey of making inspiration reality. Now,...
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    March book picks: New reads from Danielle Steel and more

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    Stories of survival, struggle and hope: What more could you want from your reading list? This month, we have all of that and more....
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    My Name Is Will and other Shakespeare spin-offs

    We all read Shakespeare in school, and even though we may not have liked him then, modern authors have given the Bard new life.
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    8 Books to make you feel Oscar-worthy

    Get an insider's look at the Academy Awards with these books ranging from must-have, behind-the-scenes looks to fast-paced murder...
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    The next big thing for YA: Is dystopian dead?

    With so many dystopian series coming to a close this year, 2014 has the potential to mark a new era of young adult fiction in the...
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    INTERVIEW: Author Madhulika Sikka says no to "pink washing" breast cancer

    S is for sex, J is for journey and Q is for quitting in Madhulika Sikka's new book about her experience with breast cancer.
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    Ellen Page and coming out in America

    In recent weeks, coming out has been front-page news. It began with NFL hopeful Michael Sam whose groundbreaking announcement put a...
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    5 Books every aspiring vegan should read

    If you're considering a vegan lifestyle, give yourself the right tools. These books will guide you to success with yummy suggestions...
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    5 Freaky book picks for February

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    It’s the middle of February, so I know we're all thinking about the same thing: horror. Something about Valentine's Day makes me...
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    Red Hot Book of the Week: Teri Wilson's Unleashing Mr. Darcy

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    Whether you're a lover of Austen retellings or dog shows, you won't want to miss Teri Wilson's Unleashing Mr. Darcy .
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    5 Great books to gift from Laura Kaye, Nora Roberts & more

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    Holiday shopping stressing you out, and you need to escape? Or, can't find the best book to gift your bookworm friend or family...
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    10 Books-to-movies to watch out for in 2014

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    Dystopian fiction is here to stay, and at least through 2014, movies are jumping on board. See which of your favorite books are...
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    Top 8 dirtiest books to gift for the holidays

    Prepare for some serious heat! These books will make you feel like it's anything but winter. Save these gifts for a time when...
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    Fiction meets TV: If you love Doctor Who , you'll love these books

    With the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who , called "The Day of the Doctor," recently airing, we're bringing you a special...