1. Home How-Tos

    DIY rockstars: This blogger turned scrap wood into a book nook

    We all know how important it is to start reading to your children at a young age. We start stockpiling children's books as soon as...
  2. Crafts

    These DIY chalkboard lap mats will entertain your kids for hours

    Lap mats are a great way to keep kids occupied (and quiet) when traveling in cars or airplanes, or while waiting in restaurants....
  3. Books

    Is Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles coming to the big screen?

    Universal Pictures, along with Imagine Entertainment, just acquired the rights to Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I know what you're...
  4. Books

    Why we predict A Wrinkle in Time movie adaptation will fail

    "Insanity" is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Somebody should tell that to Disney.
  5. Books

    Man Booker Prize: Why do Americans have to win everything?

    Last week, the Man Booker Prize released its long list of novel finalists. After 45 years of this prestigious literary award being...
  6. Books

    INTERVIEW: What The Giver author Lois Lowry really thought about Meryl Streep as Chief Elder

    Perhaps you or child read this award-winning book in school. Well, you'll be delighted to know its accomplished author gives her...
  7. Books

    American Gods : Why producing a TV adaption is the worst idea ever

    I love Neil Gaiman; it's true. I've read about six of his books and I met him once. (He gave me a hug!) I have nothing against his...
  8. Books

    Debut author P.D. Viner on killing his first character

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    The main character is the heart and soul of any novel — which made it all the more difficult for new author P.D. Viner to kill her....
  9. Entertainment

    Our favorite bio reads for women by women

    Have you checked every book off your reading list and are looking for something new? Here are some of our favorite bio reads for...
  10. Books

    Must-read: The Sleepy Hollow Family Almanac by Kris D'Agostino

    Being in your 20s isn't all it's cracked up to be. Broke, out of college and floundering, Calvin Moretti decides to follow the...
  11. Books

    Hottest 2011 fall audio books

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    SheKnows asked popular book blogger Jen of Devourer of Books what's cool for fall reading. To our surprise, she picked five awesome...
  12. Books

    There's Cake in My Future review

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    Looking for a new chick lit novel to kick off another fabulous year? We think we see cake in your future.
  13. Books

    Oprah revealed by Kitty Kelley

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    An unauthorized Kitty Kelley biography of Oprah Winfrey hits stores April 13! Kelley dishes on Oprah's relationships and reveals...
  14. Living How-Tos

    How to choose a photo book publisher

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    The days of photo albums with paste-in pictures or even scrapbooking are becoming a thing of the past. Today, an easy, fun way to...