body image

  1. Well-being

    30 Days to your best body ever

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    What if you had 30 days to transform your relationship to your body? What if your life was at stake? Would you step outside your...
  2. Well-being

    Look your best in that bathing suit

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    When summer heat blasts, you’ve got to be ready to strip down. While you don’t need to show off your birthday suit – except in...
  3. K-12

    Does your teen have an eating disorder?

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    Body image and weight issues for many of us - and teens are no different. Those issues can manifest themselves in numerous ways,...
  4. Diet

    Orthorexia: Healthy eating may be hazardous to your health

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    When healthy eating gets taken to an unhealthy extreme, even though the diet may be balanced and adequate, the attitude and...
  5. Diet

    One Direction's Liam Payne teaches tweens about fat-shaming

    The One Direction singer gained a few pounds. It happens to everybody, and his weight is still perfectly normal. But the...
  6. Well-being

    Woman posts photo of back fat, calls BS on "body positive"

    We all have hang-ups when it comes to our bod. Case in point: I'm scrawny. And pale. And the only time I like my feet is when I'm...
  7. Beauty

    Famed Pirelli calendar to feature plus-sized model for the first time

    I have no idea how a calendar put out by a tire manufacturer has become the ultimate fashion paean and yet The Pirelli Calendar —...
  8. Well-being

    Harvard's women's rugby team tackles body hate with kick-ass photo project

    What does it mean to be a girl? A woman? A lot of us ladies, no matter what our age, have a hard time defining what it means to be...
  9. Beauty

    Women show off pictures of their luscious leg hair, because feminism

    Have you ever stopped and really thought about why we shave our legs? Why do we all stand like flamingos in a slippery shower...
  10. Beauty

    JC Penney debuts mannequins with body diversity

    What do a pro basketball player, a dwarf, a mom of three, a woman in a wheelchair and a man who is a double-leg amputee all have in...
  11. Beauty

    'Stop the Beauty Madness’ uses disturbing ads to make a statement about women

    You don't believe becoming thigh-gap thin will make you more beautiful — or do you?
  12. Fashion & Style

    American stores debut the new "triple zero" clothing size

    "Skinny" is a loaded word in our society. You'd have to be locked in a tower to not know that thin is in and has been for several...
  13. Health & Wellness

    Instagram deletes woman's plus-size butt selfie — Ready, set, debate

    One woman found her belfie deleted — the only difference between her and Kim K.? Weight.
  14. Diet

    Alison Sweeney vetoes “skinny” and talks healthy lifestyle

    When you talk to your BFFs about getting healthy, how much of the convo is based around how you want to look instead of how you want...
  15. Diet

    Woman's rejected weight-loss photo sparks body image debate

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    The health and fitness industry is selling a dream: "If you do these workouts and follow these programs, you, too, can look like the...
  16. Makeup

    Thigh gap to finger trap: We are measuring beauty all wrong

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    In the last 24 hours, Weibo — which is the Chinese version of Twitter — has been aflutter with a new way to find out how ugly you are.
  17. Women's Health

    Bikini mom proudly bares postnatal stretch marks

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    Stretch marks and saggy skin are normal.