body image

  1. K-12

    Why my imaginary daughter isn't allowed to wax her pubes

    Girls are removing their pubic hair as soon as it appears. Is this shocking or just the new normal?
  2. School & Education

    Shopping with a teen who has body issues

    Teenage angst is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it's time to shop for back-to-school clothing.
  3. Beauty 365

    Dear women: It's OK to admit that you're pretty

    Ever since I saw Australian actress Margot Robbie walk the Golden Globes red carpet in her gorgeous creme, floor-length Gucci dress,...
  4. Health & Wellness

    I may be fat, but I beat my eating disorder

    Before-and-after pictures are the stars of the diet industry, and everyone loves to see a dramatic success story. But one young...
  5. K-12

    Why I want my daughters to see my armpit hair

    The other day after dinner, I leaned back in my chair as far as my eight-month-pregnant body would allow and stretched my arms over...
  6. Love & Sex

    Thanks to Buzzfeed, I finally looked at my vagina

    YouTuber Davey Wavey asked women who had never looked at their vaginas to take a peek. Thanks to Buzzfeed, the video went viral,...
  7. Fashion & Style

    Viral Instagram encourages fashion and media to "get real"

    In case you missed the secret girl memo: These days it's not enough to be long-limbed, svelte and gorgeous. Now you're supposed to...
  8. Well-being

    Two thumbs up for this holistic approach to plastic surgery

    Highly renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie is leading the charge toward a new approach to cosmetic procedures. "As much as...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Melissa McCarthy denied by big-name Oscar gown makers

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    Melissa McCarthy has experienced firsthand how much size matters in Hollywood. Speaking with Redbook , the actress opened up about...
  10. Fashion & Style

    New plus-sized swimsuit calendar proves women are "sexy at every curve"

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    Just in time for warm weather is another summer staple: the swimsuit calendar. This year, however, there's a new offering as...
  11. Tips & Advice

    Playing with Barbie dolls won’t destroy self-esteem

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    Does Barbie's image need a makeover or do parents just need to relax?
  12. Beauty & Style

    The body image video that will bring you to tears — and leave you totally inspired

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    You see, I’ve always hated my body. As a plus-size style expert and sometimes on-camera host, it is incredibly scary for me to admit...
  13. Fashion & Style

    Why I think cut-out one-piece swimsuits are ridiculous

    You've seen them littering your Pinterest page. You've seen them plastered all over blogs. So you've probably thought what I've...
  14. Diet

    Is thin-shaming just as bad as fat-shaming?

    In a world obsessed with weight, experts are saying we need to stop all the body talk. Period.
  15. Skin Care

    Marathoner mocked for running full glam in false eyelashes and jewelry

    Twenty-six (point two) miles is a long distance for anyone to cover on foot so why was runner Katherine Jenkins mocked at the finish...
  16. Fashion & Style

    Can clothes really make you more confident?

    You know that saying, "The clothes make the man?" Well, the same concept goes for us gals. And while it's no secret that women love...
  17. Skincare

    The latest WTF beauty treatment: DIY plastic surgery

    Asia's known as the leading lady of innovative beauty trends, and no wonder — the average Asian woman uses 27 products...
  18. Skin Care

    Why do we go for neutrals instead of nothing?

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    Every season seems to have a neutral trend, be it nude lips or just-barely highlighted cheekbones. Women strive to look put...
  19. Parenting

    Love your mom body

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    Becoming a mom changes your body in many ways. It also places a responsibility on you to help shape your kids' self-esteem and body...
  20. Beauty & Style

    Why I actually admire Miley Cyrus

    Picture yourself when you were Miley's age and make a mental list of all the crazy things you wore/did/said during that time: It's...