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    Blonde style guide

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    The best looks and styles for blondes -- a guide to help you find everything from the best makeup colors to the best hair colors and...
  2. Hair

    Tips for going from blonde to brunette

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    If you're ready for a drastic change, make a statement by darkening your blonde tresses for a sexy, bold look sure to turn heads....
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    Best clothing colors for blonde hair

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    Lucky blondes can look just as beautiful in bold colors as they can in pastels. Check out these tips for flattering color options.
  4. Makeup

    Best lipstick colors for blondes

    If one thing about lipstick confuses women, it’s finding the most flattering shade. Often, you select a color that you love in the...
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    Best blush for blondes

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    Blondes really do have all the fun -- at least, at the makeup counter. They can apply blushes ranging from basic neutrals to pinks...
  6. Hair

    Best hair accessories for blondes

    Blonde hair is its own accessory, but when you want to add something special to your hair, follow these tips.
  7. Makeup

    Best eye shadow colors for blondes

    With blonde hair, choosing the right eye makeup can be challenging. Here are our picks and tips to complement your hair color and...