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    Revolution theories: Who is Monroe's son?

    Ever notice how Charlie's eyes are that piercing blue, just like Monroe's? Perhaps that casting decision wasn't an accident.
  2. Entertainment

    What we want in Revolution Season 2

    The Season 2 premiere of Revolution is this Wednesday, and we can't wait to see how the show has spiced things up for its return....
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    Revolution Season 2 sneak peek

    Revolution returns in one week, and the cast is teasing a new addition to the war we know, which will bring more fantasy to the...
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    Revolution recap: "The Dark Tower"

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    The U.S. is making a comeback and, surprisingly, so is Monroe. The tables were turned so many times tonight that it's hard to know...
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    Revolution recap: "Children of Men"

    With the Season 1 finale only a week away, Revolution is taking the fight up a notch. The war between the rebels and Militia...
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    Top 10 questions for the Revolution finale

    There are only two episodes left until Season 1 ends, but still so many questions. The fight for power is coming to a head as the...
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    Revolution recap: "Clue"

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    Someone is slowly killing off the rebels leaving Miles and the gang stranded while heading to find Rachel in Colorado.
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    Revolution recap: "The Longest Day"

    Tonight was the episode of love. Not only did romance finally start to blossom between Charlie and Jason, but Miles and Nora...
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    Revolution recap: "The Love Boat"

    Turns out he isn't just the lovable sidekick. Thanks to his MIT education and Google genius, Aaron is much more than meets the eye...
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    Revolution recap: "Home"

    There's more to Miles and Monroe's past bromance including a bouncing bundle of joy.
  11. Television

    Revolution recap: "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"

    This means war — officially. The Georgia Federation isn't taking Monroe's threats lightly.
  12. Television

    Revolution preview: "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"

    The enemies from Miles' past keep cropping up. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Miles seems to have scorned quite a few.
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    Revolution recap: "The Song Remains the Same"

    While the rebels are training with bows and arrows and swords, Monroe gets his hands on a nuke. Rachel heads to The Tower to even...
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    Revolution sneak peek: "The Song Remains the Same"

    Like father, like son. Now that Charlie has had time to grieve, Nate is back in the show, and he's joining the rebels. So will his...
  15. Television

    Revolution recap: "Ghosts"

    Rachel and Charlie finally reconcile after Danny's death, while Monroe "lightens up" with help from Randall.
  16. Television

    Revolution sneak peek: "Ghosts"

    When producers said Charlie was going to grow up in the second half of Season 1, they weren't messing around. Now that Danny is...
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    Revolution recap: "The Stand"

    The first battle is fought between the Monroe Militia and the rebels. In a shocking twist, Danny is killed and Charlie is out for...
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    Revolution sneak peek: "The Stand"

    Revolution makes its long-awaited return tomorrow with a war, a handful of killings and a love triangle all unfolding in just the...
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    Do you think you can survive Revolution ?

    Test your Revolution fan knowledge skills with this mini quiz!
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    Revolution featured at WonderCon

    Get your costume ready because WonderCon is almost here, and this year, Revolution is joining the convention with exclusive...