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    INTERVIEW: Why Yvonne Strahovski stuck needles in Aaron Eckhart

    Known for her work on the hit TV show Dexter , this Aussie actress certainly studied Shakespeare in acting school, but definitely...
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    INTERVIEW: About Time 's Richard Curtis & Bill Nighy on kids, casting

    Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy are together again for About Time . The frequent collaborators tell SheKnows about their film, which...
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    About Time : Perfect for the hopeless romantic

    What if you could go back in time and relive and change past moments of your life, trying to make the simple and small things...
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    Total Recall movie review: Futuristic, fiery and fierce!

    Colin Farrell takes over the Schwarzenegger role in this remake of the iconic sci-fi film, but it’s Kate Beckinsale who steals the...
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    Movie review: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

    When a group of financially strapped seniors journey to India as an economical way to live out their golden years, they don’t find...
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    Movie Review: Arthur Christmas

    How do all those presents get into so many houses in one night? In the animated film Arthur Christmas , Santa and his team of swat...
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    Rango movie review

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    Johnny Depp reunites with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski for an animated movie like you’ve never seen in Rango...
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    Abigail Breslin on Rango and childhood stardom

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    Abigail Breslin thinks her character in Rango , starring Johnny Depp, is incredibly cute. We would concur. Her mouse is quiet, but...
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    Johnny Depp gets animated in Rango

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    The old-fashioned Western gets a makeover this weekend with Rango , the wacky, computer animated adventure starring Johnny Depp,...
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    Wild Target clip starring Emily Blunt

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    The British thriller-comedy Wild Target features Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, Gnomeo and Juliet ’s Emily Blunt and the...
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    Nick Frost exclusive dish: British film, Richard Curtis and Pirate Radio

    Even if the locale was not one of London's finest hotels for the interview, Nick Frost would make a person feel quite at ease. The...
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    Tom Sturridge’s Pirate adventure

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    Tom Sturridge is Pirate Radio's main character and much as the Cameron Crowe prototype in Almost Famous , the audience lives the...
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    Richard Curtis Pirate Radio exclusive interview

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    Richard Curtis is the mind behind Love Actually , Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral . Curtis' latest comedy, Pirate...