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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Evander Holyfield under fire for homophobic rant

    Evander Holyfield compared gays to the handicapped and believes they can be cured of what he calls their lifestyle choice.
  2. Television

    Big Brother contestants unleash the hate

    Things on Big Brother just got real... real ugly. Late-night viewers have heard all kinds of hateful comments from Big Brother...
  3. Television

    Big Brother renewed for next summer

    More voyeurism for everyone! CBS has just announced that they're renewing their hit show Big Brother for a 14th season. Yes, some...
  4. Television

    Big Brother's Jordan and Jeff exclusive interview

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    SheKnows caught up with this year's Big Brother winner Jordan Lloyd and America's Favorite Houseguest Jeff Schroeder on the set...
  5. Television

    The Biggest Loser is back!

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    Two reality shows have big nights as The Biggest Loser has its fall premiere and Big Brother 11 completes its summer run.