benedict cumberbatch

  1. Television

    Sherlock Season 3 teaser is here!

    How did Sherlock survive Season 2's fall? Elementary, my dear Watson.
  2. Movies

    Benedict Cumberbatch is TIFF's triple threat

    The Toronto International Film Festival has a head start on its competition. Today, they unveiled their roster, which includes...
  3. Movies

    The Fifth Estate trailer shines a light on WikiLeaks

    Julian Assange and his bright hair strikes again! Or at least Benedict Cumberbatch's version does. The actor stars in the new...
  4. Movies

    The Hobbit 2 trailer features old and new faces

    We're heading back to Middle-earth for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug . The sequel introduces a new villain and reunites us...
  5. Movies

    Here's Cumberbatch's cut shower scene from Star Trek 2

    The Internet's been buzzing with the controversy surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness. Many claim the film is sexist against women,...
  6. Movies

    New Star Trek 2 trailer plays up bad boy Kirk

    It's been four years since we were introduced to Chris Pine's Captain Kirk. The young captain of the Enterprise is back for...
  7. Television

    First look: Parade's End

    Desperately seeking a filler to take the spot Downton Abbey left in your heart? HBO has just the thing: Try Parade's End.
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    10 Predictions for male celebs who we'll ooh and aah over in 2013

    We have our tried and true celeb crushes (hello, Ryan Gosling), but we’re always willing to branch out and see what other cuties are...
  9. Movies

    Teaser: Star Trek Into Darkness

    If you're a Star Trek fan — or a Zachary Quinto or Chris Pine fan or (maybe!) a Benedict Cumberbatch fan — we challenge you to go...
  10. Movies

    Britain's Sherlock cast as new Star Trek villain

    Trekkies rejoice! Star Trek 2 has found its villain. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto will go head-to-head with British actor and...