beauty tips

  1. Luxury & Spa

    Say ahh: Spa treatment trends we can't wait to indulge in

    With spring around the corner, we’re already thinking about shedding winter layers and showing a bit more skin. Get gorgeous from...
  2. Hair tips

    Gloss treatments: What are they and why should you get one?

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    If your hair looks little down-and-out, it might be time to ask your stylist about options for revival. One quick, inexpensive route...
  3. Dental & Vision

    Your most beautiful bridal smile

    Your wedding dress, your hair, your makeup – of course they all deserve your attention, but when it comes to your wedding-day...
  4. Conditions

    Perfect skin for your wedding day

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    Whether you’re plagued by chronic skin problems, fear a sudden flare-up or just want to maintain your best possible skin for your...
  5. Beauty for Moms

    "Me time" for moms: Hot stone massage

    Every mom needs a little pampering now and then. After all, we have the hardest jobs on the planet. Next time you need a break, head...
  6. Makeup & Skin Care

    Fall 2013 beauty roundup: The top Fashion Week trends

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    Have you ever dreamt of visiting New York, London, Milan and Paris all in one month? Not to worry, here is your chance to do it all...
  7. Skincare

    Freckles: Some fun facts

    In June 2012, A Los Angeles-based photographer compiled a book of his photographs of freckle-faced women that were not altered...
  8. Cosmetic Surgery

    Online “deals” for cosmetic treatments

    Buying cosmetic treatments can often times be a scary venture for some women. In a world filled with treatments for this and for...
  9. Wedding Fashions & Style

    The wedding day beauty timeline

    Brides, mark your calendars! With all the stress and chaos that goes into planning a wedding, we thought we’d do you a solid and...
  10. Makeup & Skin Care

    Beauty secrets of women in history

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    While following today's beauty trends can be exciting, it's always a good idea to look back to beautiful women in history for...
  11. Beauty 365

    5 Steps to brighter skin

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    Scoring a gorgeous glow at home just got a whole lot more fun! Whip up this fab, do-it-yourself turmeric–lemon juice facial mask...
  12. Beauty 365

    The 8-step guide to clear skin

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    Acne, be gone! One brave makeup artist bares all to teach us firsthand how to get a flawless face and cover up those blemishes.
  13. Makeup & Skin Care

    How to get red carpet ready like a celeb!

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    The award season excitement has come and gone and we're still obsessing over our fave looks from all the top shows! Our top celebs...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Star in your own photoshoot

    Here at SheKnows we were getting a little sick of sub-par selfies, so we thought we would ask some famed photographers how to look...
  15. Makeup & Skin Care

    Daily skin-care regimen for the lazy girl

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    Calling all girls who love to sleep in! Cut down on the time it takes you to get gorgeous each morning by following this simple, no...
  16. Makeup & Skin Care

    Skin boot camp: The 4-week solution

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    Whether you're all set to walk down the aisle next month or just want to look bomb at your upcoming 10-year reunion, commit yourself...
  17. Makeup & Skin Care

    How to get the most out of your BB cream

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    A high-quality BB cream can be a busy woman's best friend. We've done the research for you so you'll know exactly what to look for...
  18. Beauty for Moms

    Real Moms Speak: How pregnancy changes beauty

    We all know that pregnant women get a gorgeous glow — not only from the happiness that pregnancy can bring but from hormones working...
  19. Hair, Makeup & Style News

    Shaving tips for your teenage daughter

    Having the talk with your daughter is never easy. No no, I'm not talking about "that" talk, ladies. I'm talking about the shaving...
  20. Celebrity Hairstyles

    Oscar hair: How will the leading ladies wear their locks?

    We asked Debi Dumas, Hollywood's master of hair color, how she would do these leading ladies' hair for the Oscars. Here’s what she...