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  1. Travel

    Travel fashion: Look fab when living out of a suitcase

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    It's tough to look like a total Betty when working to juggle a multiple suitcases, in addition to a laptop case, handbag and other...
  2. Fashion News & Trends

    Sneaky ways to look like you've lost weight in all your photos

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    Never delete a "fat photo" again! From female photogs to real chicks, we asked a few fab women to dish their top tips for faking a...
  3. Endless Summer

    The lazy gal's guide to summer beauty

    Lazy with your beauty routine? We are too! This summer, we've got better things to do than spend hours primping in front of the...
  4. Makeup & Skin Care

    A mint makeup tutorial

    Scared of bright colors? This year, it's time to turn that around! Mint is hot and it doesn't take a lot to make a fun, bold yet...
  5. Makeup & Skin Care

    The best neon colors for your skin tone

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    Summer has finally arrived, and that means it’s time to start breaking out the brights! We asked our experts to shed some light on...
  6. Hair tips

    10 Tricks and tips to avoid split ends

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    The threat of the split end is an ongoing battle which has been lost time and time again. We fight our hardest, and still, our poor...
  7. Makeup & Skin Care

    4 Habits that are wrecking your beauty routine

    Let’s just put it out there — some of our habits are really gross. They seem harmless like biting a nail off, falling asleep with...
  8. Skincare

    DIY facial mist for summertime

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    A touch of elegance and a great way to hydrate your skin, a facial mist can keep your face looking dewy and fresh (and help avoid...
  9. Makeup & Skin Care

    What your lip color of choice projects to men

    Ever wonder what your favorite red lipstick shade is silently screaming to potential dates? With the help of a few fab experts, we...
  10. Hair tips

    Great hair at home: 7 DIY hair tricks

    You’ve got three problems: 1. You’re having a bad hair day. 2. You’re fresh out of a repairing product. 3. You’re in a hurry....
  11. Hair, Makeup & Style News

    Beauty chat with Refinery29's Annie Tomlin

    Ever wondered what goes on in a beauty editor's head? You're about to find out! Over the next few months, I'll be chatting all...
  12. Skincare

    DIY teeth whitener with strawberries

    Tired of using trays and sticky strips to whiten your teeth? Try this simple DIY treatment to help brighten your smile!
  13. Couple Time & Romance

    How to: Give the best massage he’s ever had

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    So you’ve got a massage fiend for a boyfriend? Great, welcome to the club! Thanks to our experts, we’ve totally got your back and...
  14. Hair tips

    5 Signs it's time to retire your hair dryer

    It screeches, it rattles, it smells funky – you’ve been holding on to that old hair dryer for years now, but it’s likely wreaking...
  15. Makeup & Skin Care

    How to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine

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    What do coconuts actually do? Fall out of palm trees and leave huge knots on your forehead the day before a hot date? Provide the...
  16. Makeup & Skin Care

    Spring makeup bag cleanup tips

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    Spring blossoms are awesome — especially after the long winter we’ve just had. The trees are fresh with new green leaves and flowers...
  17. Hair tips

    Rocking dreads without the drama

    There's a lot of work that goes into starting dreads and maintaining them. Want to try rockin' the fashion yourself? Here are four...
  18. Skincare

    Fake these top cosmetic procedures at home

    They’re expensive, increasingly popular and instantly effective. Today’s top cosmetic procedures have come a long way since plastic...
  19. Beauty & Style

    The ultimate spring beauty guide

    Spring has sprung! After months of static cling hair, dark makeup tones and chapped lips, you could say we're a little ready to...
  20. Makeup & Skin Care

    7 Spring beauty questions with Pixi Cosmetics’ founder

    Looking to transition your makeup essentials from winter to spring? We asked Target Beauty design partner Petra Strand about the...