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  1. Living

    Thirty-somethings share: What I would change in my twenties

    We asked several thirty-something women to open up about what they would have done differently when they were in their 20s. Here's...
  2. Pregnancy

    Taking it all off while pregnant

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    When it comes to going fuzz-free during pregnancy, not all hair removal remedies are safe for a mama-to-be. So, before you splurge...
  3. Skin Care

    4 Dermatologists dish on their skin care routines

    Ditch your closets full of skin care lotions and potions. According to these four dermatologists, simplicity and consistency are the...
  4. Skincare

    Vitamin Q: Why you and your skin should care

    If you haven’t already, it’s time to introduce your skin to vitamin Q, or CoQ10, a powerful weapon in the fight against...
  5. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Modern beauty: The new face of customized beauty trends

    Finding the right beauty regime can be a daunting task. With so many options and ever-changing beauty trends, it may seem impossible...
  6. Relationships

    Dear men, here's what we think about your hair

    Body hair removal used to be a totally taboo topic for guys, but now it seems like modern day men are grooming just as much as we...
  7. Skin Care

    The ultimate spring beauty guide

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    Bye bye parkas and snow boots! Hello spring flowers and sunny days. Can you tell we're more than ready for spring? Get prepared for...
  8. Beauty 365

    Irish beauty secrets

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    Everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day! Celebrate the Green Isle with these Irish beauty secrets that will make you...
  9. Skin Care

    Debunking oil pulling: What it actually does

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    "Oil pulling" is quickly gaining traction as a beauty and health treatment for the hipster generation. But before swirling unrefined...
  10. Skin Care

    Former Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi reveals her beauty secrets

    As a former Olympian and gold medalist, Kristi Yamaguchi knows a thing or two about keeping your cool when the pressure is on. But...
  11. Hair

    Why your hair turns gray

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    When gray hair starts popping up, one of your first thoughts may be, "Why me?!" Well, the answers to that question might not be what...
  12. Skin Care

    Ashley Wagner and Gracie Gold’s stunning Winter Olympics CoverGirl ads

    As the world prepares to watch the U.S. ladies compete in the much anticipated Winter Olympics figure skating showdown next week,...
  13. Skin Care

    Celeb trendspotting: One color under eye makeup

    Experimenting with new makeup techniques might be the best part of being a girl. You can change your look almost instantly. The...
  14. How-To

    How to keep long hair healthy

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    'Tis the season to let long hair shine! Do away with years of damage and get back on the road to health stat with these quick and...
  15. Skin Care

    How to care for thinning eyebrows

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    Thinning eyebrows aren't simply the result of over-plucking. Sometimes, women experience thinning eyebrows as a result of a medical...
  16. Skin Care

    How to care for thinning eyelashes

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    Nothing beats the beauty of gorgeous, bright eyes framed by thick eyelashes. But what's a girl to do when her eyelashes look thin...
  17. Skin Care

    5 Lipsticks to try for date night

    Obviously, you want to be dazzling your next date with your lips. Whether you go elegant, sexy or classic, here are some lip shades...
  18. Skin Care

    Winter makeup habits harming your skin and your image

    Winter is tough enough with the cold weather and lack of sunlight. The last thing you need to be dealing with is makeup blunders....
  19. Skin Care

    25 Mind-blowing beauty tricks you need to pin now

    Want some hot beauty tips for your weekend? Pin your way to pretty with these 25 mind-blowing beauty tricks and hacks that will glam...
  20. Skin Care

    3 Beauty experts and what's in their holiday makeup kit

    We asked three beauty experts to share some of the makeup and skin care items they'll be stocking up on this holiday season.