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  1. Makeup

    14 coveted beauty products that actually come in travel sizes

    Traveling is an art form, and the top prize goes to the minimalists.
  2. Beauty 365

    11 Gold and gorgeous beauty products to buy now

    Rihanna was onto something when she sported a $5,000 24-karat gold manicure back in 2012. Now regular consumers can find pure gold...
  3. Beauty 365

    Fifty shades of fantastic: MAC unloads novel new look

    Hey, you pretty little bookworm. MAC has a new collection available online starting August 14th and it takes after Harlequin romance...
  4. Makeup

    10 Beauty product launches you have to check out this summer

    While you're out soaking up the sun this summer, don't forget to stop by your favorite beauty hotspot to check out these cool new...
  5. Makeup

    Salt scrubs versus sugar scrubs: When to use each

    You've likely noticed that the beauty aisle is chock- full of both sugar and salt scrubs. Some of the products sound pretty gourmet,...
  6. Makeup

    Product alert: Fancy deodorant inspired by monks

    Glamorous deodorant may seem like an oxymoron, but think again because a pretty fabulous deodorant awaits you. It's actually...
  7. Beauty 365

    The FDA and cosmetics — not as safe as you think

    The beauty aisle may look pristine, but it's more of a jungle than you think.
  8. Makeup

    The truth about all-natural beauty ingredients

    The other day, I picked up a bottle of shampoo that claimed to be "all-natural" and "gluten-free." Confusion ensued. Does my shampoo...
  9. Hair

    Is this product cocktail the secret to beating frizz?

    We've waited all year for summer to arrive, but one thing we never look forward to this time of year is frizz. And I don't know...
  10. Makeup

    9 Totally affordable beauty products celebrities love

    It’s no wonder celebrities look good a solid 99 percent of the time: They have oodles of beauty specialists at their disposal and...
  11. Health & Wellness

    Scientific reasons you should smile more

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    If you think your smile is just a way to look pretty, think again. The human smile communicates volumes, both to your physiology and...
  12. Makeup

    10 Beauty grams: E-notes for the beauty-obsessed

    We saw this little note on Pinterest the other day, and couldn’t help but 1. Giggle, and 2. Wish immediately that there was a line...
  13. Beauty

    Lacking enthusiasm? Add some orange to your day

    Not only is orange the perfect color to perk you up when you want to hit the gym, but it could also be the key to unlocking your...
  14. Beauty

    The Real Woman Beauty Awards: 2014 winners

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    We turned the mic over to our readers to crowdsource beauty products they can't live without. Our editors and SheKnows Experts...
  15. Skincare

    The best beauty products for psoriasis

    Finding the right beauty products when you have psoriasis can be a huge headache, to say the least. We break down exactly what to...
  16. Skincare

    Quickie beauty fixes that fit right in your purse

    You never know when a beauty emergency might arise, so like your mama always taught you, it's best to be prepared! Fight flyaways,...
  17. Hair Care

    Everyday gifts for the hair obsessed

    We ladies tend to fuss over our hair like birds preening their feathers, but some of us take hair care to new heights. These...
  18. Makeup

    Exclusive: What's inside Nina Garcia's beauty box

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    Nina Garcia has partnered with Quarterly, a subscription-based e-commerce company, to send you her curated box of the best beauty...
  19. Bargains, Savings & Shopping Tips

    The Body Shop sales

    Beauty and skin care products are the greatest gift to give during the holidays. They aren't difficult to find and every woman loves...
  20. Bargains, Savings & Shopping Tips

    Sweet sales at Sephora

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    Sephora is the place to go for anything beauty-related. Their website offers over 13,000 products from the best brands. Anyone...