beauty myths

  1. Hair

    Regular haircuts do not actually make your hair grow faster — here's why

    Sorry, folks. Patience seems to be the only cure for short hair, after all.
  2. Beauty 365

    The FDA and cosmetics — not as safe as you think

    The beauty aisle may look pristine, but it's more of a jungle than you think.
  3. Makeup

    The truth about all-natural beauty ingredients

    The other day, I picked up a bottle of shampoo that claimed to be "all-natural" and "gluten-free." Confusion ensued. Does my shampoo...
  4. Makeup

    Beauty myth busted: Drinking water reverses wrinkles

    You've seen a dried-out sponge, right? Cracked, wrinkled and worse for wear. That same sponge perks up nicely, though, with just a...
  5. Makeup

    Debunking oil pulling: What it actually does

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    "Oil pulling" is quickly gaining traction as a beauty and health treatment for the hipster generation. But before swirling unrefined...
  6. Skincare

    Hollywood's go-to girl clears up common skin care myths

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    We recently caught up with Kate Somerville, skin care expert to the Hollywood elite, to help us clear up some common skin care...
  7. Tips & Advice

    Moms who Botox: Fabulous or frozen?

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    It seems as though as my 35th birthday rolled around, and I could no longer claim stake to that coveted 18-34 year-old demographic,...
  8. Skincare

    Winter skin care: 12 Facts you need to know

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    Goodbye, dewy summer skin. Hello, dry winter skin. Most of us spend the season fighting the environmental factors that make our skin...
  9. Well-being

    Save your skin from premature aging

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    You want flawless, translucent skin, and your healthy lifestyle reflects your desire. Yet, even the best anti-aging diet, fitness...
  10. Skincare

    7 New anti-aging products: Are they worth trying?

    Anti-aging is one of those topics that the skin care industry is always chasing. Some search for the next best marketing ploy while...
  11. Skincare

    10 Winter skin myths

    Going numb from all the misinformation and bogus advice about winter-proofing your face and body? Here, top skin experts help us...
  12. Makeup

    Thigh gap to finger trap: We are measuring beauty all wrong

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    In the last 24 hours, Weibo — which is the Chinese version of Twitter — has been aflutter with a new way to find out how ugly you are.