beauty mistakes

  1. Makeup

    4 Mega makeup mishaps to avoid

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    Looking fabulous isn't always easy. Busy schedules, hectic lives and alarm clocks that don't go off can all contribute to a look...
  2. Makeup

    5 Beauty mistakes that age you

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    Some beauty mistakes can emphasize fine lines and wrinkles, adding years to your look. Avoid these beauty blunders and don't allow...
  3. Makeup

    5 Beauty mistakes that are aging you

    No woman wants to look older than she really is, but you could be adding years to your look if you’re sporting one of these five...
  4. Makeup

    5 Embarrassing beauty nightmares & how to fix them

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    Some beauty mistakes are so embarrassing that you dread seeking help for them. Our fixes for the most common beauty blunders will...
  5. Fashion & Style

    5 Style mistakes that can ruin your look

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    Whether you are going to work or on a date, avoid these fashion and beauty mistakes to look your best.