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    Beauty and the Beast : Questions for the season finale

    Last night's episode leaves us with a few things we want to see resolved in the season finale.
  2. Movies

    Live-action Beauty and the Beast : Our dream cast

    Now that Disney's announced a live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, we can't help but wonder who will take on our favorite roles.
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    Beauty and the Beast returns: 5 Ways to keep us interested

    Beauty and the Beast Season 2 returns on Monday, June 2, but there are a few things we'd like to see from the show to keep us...
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    RENEWED: Did your beloved TV show earn another season?

    Want to know which of your beloved TV shows dodged the ax and earned another season? We've got updates from ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and...
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    Beauty and the Beast photo preview: Bye bye, Tori?

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    On the next two episodes of Beauty and the Beast Vincent will have to rescue Cat, Tess and Tori from hostage situations at the...
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    Poll: Are you ready for VinCat's woes on Beauty and the Beast ?

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    Going into the winter break, things didn't look good for Vincent and Catherine on Beauty and the Beast . Hold your breath, because...
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    CW moves The Tomorrow People to make way for The 100

    Hang on to your hats, CW fans, because the CW's midseason schedule is making some major changes. Where did fan-favorites like Arrow...
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    Top 10 reasons fairy tale shows are here to stay

    Move over comedy, the fairy tale shows are taking the TV scene this season one brilliant rating at a time.
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    Best places to find shirtless men on TV

    We have one job: To fill your DVR with ladyporn! We think these often shirtless shows will do just the trick to turn your late...
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    The best TV shows to catch at Comic-Con 2013

    It's a big year for TV at Comic-Con and we're predicting that TV fiends will find the entire schedule Ah-mazing!
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    The CW announces their fall 2013 line-up

    We're only a few days into the official summer season, but The CW just announced their fall line-up. It looks pretty good.
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    TV match-ups: outrageous weddings

    These kids belong together! Even if their characters aren't on the same shows, networks or centuries as one another.
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    New Beauty and the Beast remake? Is Emma Watson Belle?

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    Emma Watson is a wanted woman. The actress has been courted to play two famous fairytale characters. Both Disney and Warner Bros....
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    Beauty and the Beast recap: Blame it on the "Hey guys!"

    Beauty and the Beast takes the "annoying little sister" stereotype and turns it up.
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    Beauty and the Beast recap: Coming up roses

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    Cat and Vinnie sittin' on the roof! Could she be anymore aloof?
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    Beauty and the Beast recap: Pick a winner

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    Cat moves on and Vincent finally makes up his mind. (Sort of.)
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    Beauty and the Beast recap: Cut the strings, Vinnie

    Vincent. Sweetie. Ya gotta let one of 'em go... preferably the ginger.
  18. Television

    Beauty and the Beast recap: "Seeing Red"

    The beast's ex returns and Vincent gets caught in more than just one lie.
  19. Television

    Beauty and the Beast : Vincent's ex comes to visit!

    This week, Beauty and the Beast is back. After weeks away, Vincent and Catherine are in for a surprise. The pair will meet their...
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    Beauty and the Beast taps former 'Hero' for new role

    Beauty and the Beast is getting some new blood. The CW drama is stirring the pot with an alum from NBC's Heroes . Sendhil...