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  1. Hair

    Giuliana Rancic dyes her hair platinum: Love it or hate it?

    There's a new blonde in town, and she didn't just lighten up her dark locks — she went platinum.
  2. Fashion & Style

    9 Fashion innovations that could change the industry

    Just like technology, fashion changes quickly with new and stunning innovations. Check out one of these nine trends so you won't be...
  3. Skin Care

    Everything that's wrong with the term ethnic beauty

    Look, as my name suggests, I could not be more white. A name like Mary Katherine McCoy screams of western European privilege, and...
  4. Hair

    Hair trend: Nicole Richie’s new 'do is to "dye" for

    It’s official, ladies: Purple is in, and not in a “It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter” sort of way. This hot hue is taking...
  5. Beauty & Style

    Why I actually admire Miley Cyrus

    Picture yourself when you were Miley's age and make a mental list of all the crazy things you wore/did/said during that time: It's...
  6. Hair

    How wearing your hair up damages your hair

    Wearing your hair down is amazing... you know, until it gets in your face, in your mouth, tickles the back of your neck and takes a...
  7. Fashion & Style

    What men really think: Tall women in high heels

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    It's a bold woman who wears 4-inch heels when she already towers over a room in bare feet. We talked with a handful of guys to get...
  8. Fashion & Style

    Outfit inspiration: 2 Ways to style your cocktail dress

    Spice up that cocktail dress and match it to any occasion.
  9. Thanksgiving

    Beauty products to boost your confidence

    Keep your mind on dinner and entertaining when you use these beauty products to boost your confidence on Thanksgiving Day.
  10. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Shop for spring: Yellow accessories for sunny days

    Spring has sprung and we are ready to step forward with a fresh burst of fashion. And what better way to begin re-creating a...
  11. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Product review: Sassybax Convert-a-Skirt

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    When you have to go from work to a dinner party, happy hour, girl’s night out, or romantic date with your beau; Sassybax's...
  12. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Product review: Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit

    Anastasia Soare is Hollywood’s go-to eyebrow specialist. But does her Beauty Express kit for brows and eyes really deliver...
  13. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Achieve spring's beauty trends for less

    I love to scour the runways of New York Fashion Week for beauty trends. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because no matter what...
  14. How-Tos

    How to get Jennifer Lawrence's look

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    We’re breaking down how you can score the A-lister’s signature beauty looks at home.
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Celebrity-inspired over-the-top spa days

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    On January 23 at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST, the new reality show Big Rich Atlanta will premiere on Style Network. In honor of the new...
  16. Fashion & Style

    Teri Reeves dishes on fashion, fitness and her new show Chicago Fire

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    We're sitting down with Teri Reeves, one of the stars of NBC's newest drama series Chicago Fire , to chat about her beauty...
  17. Living

    Beauty that gives back: 5 Charitable beauty products

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    You know the feeling you get when you buy something new? It's warm, fuzzy and exciting, right? Well, imagine the feeling you'll get...
  18. How-Tos

    How to get a perfect pedicure

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    Sometimes the stresses of life leave us feeling ... chipped. Take some time out of your day to pamper and give yourself a pedicure....
  19. Beauty & Style

    5 Tips for a bright, shiny smile

    If only the aging process were limited to wisdom. We are all too aware it is also accompanied by major changes in our bodies that...
  20. Hair

    7 Nature-inspired hair accessories

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    You don't have to go on a nature walk to look like you're in touch with it. These seven nature-inspired hair accessories will have...