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  1. Beauty

    Create a consistent routine and stop dreading Monday mornings

    Mornings are rough, but a great routine can make them better. Follow these tips to get your day off to a smooth start.
  2. Beauty

    Fight off midday funk with these stay-fresh tips

    You leave your house feeling crisp, clean and ready to face the world, but it doesn't take long for that feeling to fade. By...
  3. Beauty

    How to organize your makeup stash

    To quickly organize your makeup, stick magnetic strips to the back of your makeup products and put them on a magnetic board.
  4. Living

    The 6 steps to actually getting up for your college class

    College is hard. Not only do you have to drag yourself out of bed after what seems like (and might actually be) mere minutes of...
  5. Living

    Add some R&R to your morning with these ideas

    The morning can be hectic and set your whole day up for stress and anxiety. Instead, add a little me-time to your morning routine...
  6. Living How-Tos

    How to make your own potpourri

    Make this potpourri and put it just about anywhere: in your underwear drawer, the family room or even in your car.
  7. Living

    5 Tips to get out the door faster

    Pack your lunch in advance so you can actually pick what you want to eat instead of throwing whatever you can find into your lunch bag.
  8. Health & Wellness

    5 Tips for getting through your long day of classes

    A long day of classes can be a downer, but with these five tips for your morning routine, you will be able to stay fresh, fly and...
  9. Beauty

    DIY Margarita face scrub

    An easy do-it-yourself face scrub perfect for the summer. The ingredients in this mask are inspired by a margarita.
  10. Beauty

    Mojito-inspired foot scrub

    This do-it-yourself mojito foot scrub will help you feel refreshed and make your skin feel great. Pour yourself a drink and start...
  11. Beauty

    Any of these tricks could become your new signature look

    Tired of your boring old makeup routine? Stop wearing the same eyeshadow-blush-lipstick combo day after day and introduce a new...
  12. Beauty

    DIY Piña colada face scrub

    This simple, three-ingredient face scrub, inspired by the fruity piña colada beverage, is sure to rejuvenate your face and leave you...
  13. Health & Wellness

    20-Minute yoga flow to freshen your day

    I developed this yoga flow when I was just one "namaste" shy of tossing my child out of the window on a road trip. You, too, can...
  14. Entertainment

    Quiz: How many of these news items did you catch from the first half of 2014?

    It's been an eventful year already, and it's only half over. From the Olympics to celeb weddings to healthcare, how much have you...
  15. Beauty

    Things you should do in the morning so that you feel incredible all day

    Is your morning routine just grabbing coffee, running out the door, shoving a bagel in your face, and then realizing on the way to...
  16. Beauty

    Style your overgrown hairstyle

    Over grown hair can drive us all insane, whether we are waiting to get in with a stylist, in between stages, or recovering from a...
  17. Beauty

    Makeup rut? Refresh your style with these 3 summer looks

    Say goodbye to your standby makeup routine and try out some new looks this summer. We've got three tutorials to get you started.
  18. Beauty

    New haircuts to freshen your look

    A fresh hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to inject new energy into your look without breaking the bank. It's hard to be bored of...
  19. Beauty

    The closet remix: 3 Pieces styled 3 ways

    I usually have the urge to buy new items for my upcoming events or future plans that involve getting dressed up. Can you imagine the...
  20. Health & Wellness

    QUIZ: How much of a morning person are you?

    Did you know that morning people are mentally healthier than people who prefer the darkness of night?