1. Television

    Doctor Who adds new character: Will Clara get a boyfriend?

    The new Doctor has a new (possible) friend, and his name is Danny Pink. How will they meet and why? We're sorting through the...
  2. Music

    Imagine Dragons cover Rudimental on BBC1's Live Lounge

    Everyone loves a good cover tune, even chart-topping rock bands. That's why Imagine Dragons flew all the way to London to cover a...
  3. Television

    Doctor Who announces new Doctor

    And the name of the new Doctor is...
  4. Television

    Sherlock Season 3 teaser is here!

    How did Sherlock survive Season 2's fall? Elementary, my dear Watson.
  5. Television

    Doctor Who 's Smith & Moffat: Doctor could be female

    Yes! The next Doctor could certainly be a woman! "Twelve" has quite the feminine ring to it, too, does it not?
  6. Television

    Welcome to Ripper Street

    Are you a CSI , The Mentalist , or Elementary junkie? If so, Ripper Street just might be your next favorite show!
  7. Television

    Would men survive if women were gone? Lifetime finds out!

    Can't live with 'em, but can you live without 'em? Lifetime conducts a social experiment to see just how men would do if all the...
  8. Television

    Absolutely Fabulous is absolutely returning with new episodes!

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    Fans of Absolutely Fabulous get ready to party -- it’s coming back. Read on for all the details.
  9. Television

    Meaghan Rath on Being Human

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    Meaghan Rath plays the ghost Sally in the hit Syfy channel show Being Human . If you're a fan of the BBC version, trust me. You'll...
  10. Television

    Human Planet: Inside the human-wildlife balance

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    Human Planet , the extraordinary series from BBC/Discovery Channel, has arrived on home video merely days after the show’s...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Doctor Who actress Elisabeth Sladen dead at 63

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    Doctor Who actress Elisabeth Sladen has died at the age of 63 after a battle with cancer.
  12. Music

    Taylor Swift covers Mumford and Sons on the BBC

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    Taylor Swift loves all types of music -- and she showed off her affinity for the U.K. band Mumford and Sons during a recent live...