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    Top five DVD releases: You’re The Lucky One

    The sweeping romance written by The Notebook’s author Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One, is our number-one pick this weekend for the...
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    Battleship director admits blockbuster “underperformed”

    Though Battleship 's still in theaters, the film has been dubbed a bomb due to poor reviews and lackluster box-office numbers. But...
  3. Family Fun

    Best family museums in North Carolina

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    Far from stuffy or boring, these palaces of fun are scattered from the state's largest city, Charlotte, to its coastline and in...
  4. Movies

    Avengers sinks Battleship to nab third week at No. 1

    The unstoppable superhero movie The Avengers destroys Battleship’s chances at number one by earning more than $55 million again this...
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    Dear Hollywood, North by Northwest was not based on Google Maps

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    Can you smell the deja vu? Hollywood has been churning out adaptations, remakes and re-releases like it's going out of style. Our...
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    Bombs away! Battleship trailer's explosive debut

    Get ready for a sensory overload. A new trailer for Universal's Battleship has debuted and it's filled with bombs and bullets....
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    6 Man movies you will likely get dragged to this spring

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    We’re aware that men sometimes have more of the say when it comes to picking movies on date night. Therefore, we thought we’d give...
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    Blockbuster Battleship trailer premieres

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    What do you get when you put Friday Night Lights ' Tim Riggins and True Blood 's Eric Northman on a boat? Battleship ! The first...