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    Renovating your bathroom to make morning routines easier

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    If your morning routine leaves you feeling stressed before you even get out the door, you may need to renovate your bathroom to make...
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    Top bathroom makeovers of all time

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    Do you have a bathroom renovation that you're afraid to tackle? Meet your project head on with inspiration from these five awesome...
  3. Dating

    Moving in with him: Making space in the bathroom

    Long gone are the days of mounds of makeup and your girly beauty products scattered all over the bathroom counter. Now that you live...
  4. Home Improvement

    Top trends in bathroom remodels

    When it comes to personal style, your home's bathroom is no longer last on the list. Today's top trends in bathroom remodels will...
  5. Home Improvement

    Tips for making over your shower

    Several years ago, a nice bathtub was a must-have in every master bathroom. But the latest trends have people steering away from...
  6. Home Improvement

    The $500 bathroom remodel

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    If you're dreaming of remodeling your bathroom but the budget’s getting tight, it may be time to scale-up while scaling back. Your...
  7. Home Improvement

    The two-day bathroom remodel roadmap

    Makeover your bathroom this weekend with some help from the professionals combined with DIY projects you can complete yourself.
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    Top 5 ways to green your bathroom

    In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we rounded up several ideas for making your bathroom more eco-friendly to the planet. Get...
  9. SheKnows TV: Homergency

    Sustainable bathroom products we love

    Recent advances in technology have made creating a beautiful and sustainable bathroom easy. Take a peek at our top picks for...
  10. Home Improvement

    5 Ways to fix up your bathroom for less than $100

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    A complete bathroom renovation can be very expensive, second only to redoing a kitchen. From time to time, every bathroom can use a...
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    Master bathroom makeovers

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    Although a master bathroom can be a space of luxury and serenity, it is more often a space of function and utility: it's a place...
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    How to save water in the bathroom

    Want to conserve water around the house? Start in the bathroom. That’s where we’re using, and wasting, water the most, according to...
  13. Home Improvement

    Kitchen & bath hardware makeover ideas: Fab styles we love

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    Although kitchens and bathrooms can often be the most costly rooms to remodel, they are often the rooms where we spend most of our...
  14. Organizing

    10 Tips to organize your bathroom

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    Have you ever noticed how much stuff accumulates in the bathroom? Sure, our beauty routines require quite a few products, but that...