bathroom decor

  1. Home Improvement

    Gorgeous bathroom tiles for your floor, shower and sink

    Beat the bathroom blahs and bring sexy back. These tiles will tempt you with brilliant and beautiful colors and patterns.
  2. Décor & Style

    Making the most of your small bathroom

    Are you thinking about renovating your small bathroom? Before you do, consider these seven style and design tips. You'll be...
  3. Organizing

    15 Genius life hacks to help organize your bathroom

    Give yourself a much-needed break with these awesome hacks to organize your bathroom. They're both cute and functional, and you'll...
  4. Home

    Accessories for the bright modern bathroom

    Want to update your bathroom without spending thousands? Sometimes a few bathroom accessories are all it takes to get an entirely...
  5. Organizing

    Martha Stewart's medicine cabinet is not as tidy as you might think

    It's a medicine cabinet face-off! Can Instagrammers out-Martha Martha, the queen of home decor, with their medicine cabinet...
  6. Home Improvement

    Shower designs so modern, they look sci-fi

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    Sometimes it feels like we're living in the future. We have smartphones and smart cars and nail polish that stays on for weeks...
  7. Décor & Style

    22 Amazing soaking tubs to drool over

    When it comes to unwinding at the end of the day, nothing beats a long, hot bath. These 22 soaking tubs are so gorgeous you'll start...
  8. Décor & Style

    16 Designer faucets that look like artwork

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    Spice up your bathroom this year with some fabulous sink faucets that look more like pieces of art.
  9. Décor & Style

    Bathroom design trends for 2014

    Update your bathroom to fit the luxurious and relaxing trends of 2014. With spa-like spaces and Japanese minimalism, this year's...
  10. Décor & Style

    Get more for less: Knock off this luxury bathroom

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    Designing your dream bathroom shouldn't cost a small fortune. We'll show you how to get the ultimate designer bathroom without...
  11. Décor & Style

    Taking your bathroom from fall to winter

    Even though they are among the most used rooms in the home, bathrooms aren't often No. 1 on our home renovation lists. If your loo...
  12. Décor & Style

    Warm up for fall: Bathroom towel sets and towel warmers

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    It's hard enough to get out of bed each morning for work, but come wintertime, it's even more difficult when it's cold! Combat the...
  13. Décor & Style

    25 Fall bathroom accessories under $20

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    Don't neglect your bathroom when it comes to accessorizing for the season. You don't have to spend much to enhance one of the...
  14. Décor & Style

    Hey blogger, show me your summer bathroom

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    Get beachy this summer with these three blogger-decorated bathrooms. Fun, inspiring and relaxing, your bathroom will likely become...
  15. Décor & Style

    SheKnows space-lifts: 5 Summer bathrooms under $500

    Bathrooms can be so much fun to update, but can also get expensive! Thankfully with a few updates, you can completely change your...
  16. Décor & Style

    SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Refreshing styles for your bathroom

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    The bathroom often goes overlooked in the home decor department, with most people favoring function over beauty. We're challenging...
  17. Décor & Style

    6 Simple ways to create your own bathroom spa

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    Craving the tranquility of the spa but not its impact on your wallet? Discover six simple ways to transform your bathroom into a zen...
  18. Home Improvement

    Bathroom design trends for 2013

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    From organic materials to surprising splashes of color to spa-like retreats, we have the scoop from the experts about the latest in...
  19. Home Improvement

    Choosing the right faucet for your bathroom

    The sink is an essential location in the bathroom — one that all of your guests are bound to see. Here are a few ideas to...
  20. Home Improvement

    How to choose a bathroom design style

    Choosing a style to decorate your home can be an intimidating task, but decorating a bathroom can be a really fun project! Here's...